Tips to Improve Men’s Elegance

Tips to Improve Men’s Elegance


 ClothesModern man’s clothes are the most important evidences on his elegance whether it was for formal or casual wears. Men should consider the following tips to be more elegant:When you but a shirt, make sure that the sleeves’ length

8 Tips to Give Brightness to Your Hair

8 Tips to Give Brightness to Your Hair


 Nothing is better than a bright hair, so these are the best tips that you can follow to have a bright hair:1-Don’t use too much water: even when water is so healthy, it can take the brightness away off your


How to choose the design of a rug!

How to Choose The Design of a Rug!


Here are 9 secrets to help you choose the design of rug for every room in the house.Main decoration point: Simple rooms should have a rug with overlapping pattern in the middle to be a main decoration point over


Ohrid - Balkan Pearl

Ohrid is Balkan Pearl


Is a highlight of any trip to Macedonia's, the stunning beauty of the city, imbued with history and culture. Ohrid is a city of magnificent beautiful southwestern part of Macedonia, and a leading summer tourist center of the country, which

Trip for 10 days in beautiful Macedonia

Trip for 10 Days in Beautiful Macedonia


The Republic of Macedonia is a small, beautiful country of South East Europe, located in Balkan. On south it border with Serbia, on north with Greece and west with Bulgaria. Macedonia has about 2 million citizens which belong to different ethnic groups.