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Simple Spring Beauty Tips to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Simple Spring Beauty Tips to Put Your Best Foot Forward

 Spring is such a welcoming time of the new year and clear signal that we're ready to show off our brand new makeup and hairstyles. It's a wonderful season to try something trendy or exotic and toss out the boring attitude. The fashion runways have piqued our interest and highlighted what's

Make a Unique Bag for Yourself (DIY T-shirt Bag)

Make a Unique Bag for Yourself

 If your stile is unique, you would like something new for this spring days. We can offer you the best girl unique accessories.. Bag!Bag is everything that one girl must have. Materials for doing this craft:You can use one old t - shirt who do not like anymore, or it is small

Egyptian Foul Moudamas Recipe

Egyptian Foul Moudamas Recipe

 Foul (say fool) Moudammas is the name for a refreshing, delicious Mediterranean fava bean salad that’s perfect for a Spring or Summer picnic outdoors. Fresh fava beans can be a bit of a chore to find and prepare. The good news is that this dish is best made with canned

Egyptian Basbousa Cake with Almonds Recipe (Arab Dessert Semolina Cake with Almonds and Syrup)

Egyptian Basbousa Recipe (Arab Dessert Semolina with Almonds and Syrup)

 Basbousa Recipe it has different names such as; Namoura Recipe, or Harissa Recipe is the one of Ramadan's most delectable sweets. It is Semolina cake with nuts and hot Syrup.  Ingredients:2 ½ Cups fine semolina ½ Cup flour 1 ½ Tbs baking powder ½ Cup coconut flakes 1 Cup

Beef Shawarma Sandwich Recipe

Beef Shawarma Sandwich

 Quantity: 6 peoplePreparation time: 20 minutesCooking time: 90 minutesShawarma a kind of sandwiches contains multiple nutrients, and doesn’t take too much time for preparing, also does not contain significant calories. This recipe from Oriental cuisine, you can use different kinds of meat such as; beef, lamb, or chicken meat. The basic

Lebanese Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Recipe at Home

Chicken Shawarma Recipe

 Shawarma is a sandwich. Thinly sliced meat or Chicken, wrapped in a pita bread with veggies, and sauce, it is a delicious, and quick meal. Ingredients for chicken:1 of chicken breast, and boneless (thinly cut)1 cup of yogurt1/4 cup of vinegar2 of cloves garlic, mashed1 teaspoon of pepper1/2 teaspoon of salt2

Turkish Coffee Recipe

Turkish Coffee Recipe

 It is a different way to prepare the coffee, In Middle East are famous in the preparation this type of coffee, and method of preparation is very easy also does not take a lot of time, Roasted and then finely ground coffee beans, add a sugar, coffee, and cold water

Egyptian Roasted Pigeon with Freekeh Recipe

Egyptian Roasted Pigeon with Freekeh Recipe

 It is a famous dish in Egypt , It takes some times and very tasty , Most Egyptians bring this dish to the newlyweds on their honeymoon.Serving: 4 personsPreparation time: 15 min.Cooking time: 50 min. Tips:- When buying pigeon always take Young pigeon because it takes short time in cooking, and

Decorative Painting Ideas

Decorative Painting

 If you live in a new home where all the walls are painted white or any color which you don't like, and you don’t want to pay too much money.Maybe by now these walls are getting dirty , or you're just tired of the Boredom feeling throughout your home, and