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I Want You ” 3 “

I Want You ” 3 “


Her mom felt happy because her daughter gets a boyfriend and believing that Rose should live with her age, but when she found out that Rose changes boyfriends as what does in changing her clothes, her mom didn’t like that manner.

And her mother recognized that Rose doesn’t care about her school just like before. Her mother received a letter from the school informing that her daughter doesn’t go to her school for a month.

At night when the daughter enters the study room, her mother can hear Rose as she talks to someone else. If someone thinks to open the door, you’ll find her standing in the middle of the room, staring in who enters the room and with her red eyes she is looking at who enters the room as an enemy. She is breathing like a predator, screaming hysterically, and then she loses her consciousness.

Now, the mother feels worried about Rose’s health, so she decided to let the doctors see Rose. The doctors said that there’s nothing wrong with her, but after Rose came back from the hospital, she got worse. She doesn’t even sleep and eat. She had a convulsion while screaming, and while she was screaming she said a few words such as: “All of you ill go to the hell” and “The hell is waiting you”.

The Neighbors who live on the first floor advised Rose’s mother to meet Mr. Williams, who is a devout and a decent man. And according to the neighbors who live on the first floor, he has a wife had been married for 50 years, and they’re a nice couple, and they have one daughter, but she doesn’t live with them. She lives in Canada with her husband, this is what she said Mrs. Allen about her daughter.

The rest of the families who live in the same building were not friendly, and they always look at the wall which has inscriptions, every day they do the same thing, and they’re not talking to anyone, they don’t even say hello, nothing else except they stare at the wall, and sometimes they spend the whole day staring, and sometimes they disappear for months.

When I ask Mrs. Allen about them why they’re staring at the wall?

Mrs. Allen said they face many problems in their lives, such as: infertility, unemployment, addiction to drugs, etc. and had no close friendship.

The mother decided to contact Mr. Williams. His church is next the house building. She hopes that he can help Rose, or he will pray for her daughter.

To be continued…

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