Homemade Canning Lemon Ginger Marmalade Recipe

Lemon Ginger Jam Recipe


How to Make Lemon Ginger Marmalade Recipe   Ingredients: 2 Kilos of lemon 2 Kilos of sugar 3Liters of water 1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger   Method: Wash the lemons, then grate them, and put the peel in a deep bowl. Then squeeze the lemon juice on the

Canning Carrot Orange Jam Recipe at Home

Orange Jam Recipe with Carrots


How to Make Orange Jam with Carrot at Home   Ingredients: 4 Kilos of oranges, peeled and cut into cubes A kilo of grated carrots A kilo of sugar One tablespoon of lemon juice   Method: 1- We prepare a deep bowl and put sugar on the sliced oranges


Shop what are 11 best Shade Plants for Indoor Home Décor?

11 Ideal Shade Plants for Indoor Home Décor


11 Ideal shade plants for indoor home décor.. Grow in low light with minimal care   Green plants add a lot of vitality and beauty to the house, in addition to their wonderful role in purifying the air and relieving our feeling


Top Sweatshirt for Men & Women

How to Style Sweatshirt for Men & Women?


When it comes to fashion, every one of us seek for comfort with style. And what else could be cozier and stylish than a sweatshirt? Sweatshirts can be worn in several ways, and have been trending the most in our

8 Perfect Choices for Party - Women Sequin Clothes

8 Ideas to Choose From Sequin Clothes


Sequins of all kinds are considered one of the best fabrics that can be worn in parties in general, as it is a continuous fashion because it is one of the most elegant things that can express celebrations. There is