Creamy Beef Steak Sandwich Recipe

Steak Sandwich Recipe


How to Make Steak Sandwich Recipe Ingredients: 4 Pieces of steak (beef slices) ¼ Tablespoon coarse black pepper. 3 Tablespoon of unsalted butter. 1 Onion diced 1 Cup of creamy beef or chicken broth. ¼ Cup fresh cream. ¼ Cup lettuce for garnish. 2 Onion cut into rings 2 Tomato

Macaroni Salad Recipe with Yogurt and Mayonnaise Sauce

Pasta Salad Recipe with Yogurt Sauce


How to make pasta salad with yogurt and mayonnaise   Ingredients: 350gm Boiled pasta 1 Grated carrot 1 Cup of yogurt Half a cup of mayonnaise Salt and black pepper to taste 2 tsp Dried thyme ¼ Cup chopped lettuce Quarter cup of lemon juice 1 Tablespoon crushed garlic 3 Tablespoons olive


8 Ideas Home Décor Inspired By The Atmosphere of The Beach

8 Different Ideas for Renovating The Home Décor In The Summer


Renovate your home.. different ideas for renovating home décor inspired by the atmosphere of the beach  When summer approaches, many people are keen to renew their home décor, by choosing summer décor pieces in cheerful colors that provide positive energy and


6 Tips when choosing a summer cardigan

Summer Cardigan Styles Make Your Looks Different


I'm not a big fan of summer, so when it comes to clothes, I always choose comfortable, light and most importantly, easy to wear clothes. That's why I love the summer cardigan, which is a staple in my wardrobe. The

What are the best ways to wear red pants for women?

7 Ideas to Wear Red Pants for a Bold & Elegant Look in Summer


What are the best ways to wear red pants for women? Red pants are one of the pieces that, when worn correctly and distinctively, make your look cheerful and different. It is normal to wear jeans in different colors and white