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10 Easy Tips on Furnishing The Living Room

What are the best 10 Tips to Follow when you choose the furniture of the living room?

What are the best 10 Rules & Tips to Follow when you choose the furniture of the living room?

Living room is the most used space in the house. It serve family’s daily social activities, so the owner usually take care of the furniture of this room especially with prestigious and comfort style.

Today we are discussing the characteristics of designing a living room and suggesting the combination of attractive look of this room and its modernism.


10 Rules & Tips to choose the furniture of the living room:


Rules that should be followed when you choose the furniture of the living room:

  1. Choose furniture pieces that make harmony with the available space. If the room was spacious then you should use large sofas, but if it was narrow then you should use small sofas.
  2. Go for comfortable furniture because they are suitable for the essential usage of this space like relaxation in the environment of social activities with the family. It is noticed that sofas are designed for relaxing, napping and sometimes sleeping.
  3. Make sure to use practical colors and textures that don’t catch dust quickly and even if it catches dust, it can be cleaned. Care about using single-colored textures or just including simple lines without complicated garnishing.
  4. Check the sponge of the sofas whether it is made of a perfect quality or not.
  5. Know that the color of the sofas is the major determinant of the wall paint color. It is recommended to choose soft colors for the walls without bold or bright ones.
  6. Let the several choices or wood, porcelain or ceramic tiles inspire you, but there should be a carpet or rug covering the floor. Its color should match the furniture and it should be made of fur or wool and avoid using silk because it’s not good for daily usage.
  7. Don’t forget the importance of coffee table that should be suitable with the shape of sofas. It should be made of good materials too.
  8. Use bright light sources that gives feeling of spacious place. It is recommended also to penetrate direct sunrays in the room for healthy benefits.
  9. Make sure to choose to choose accessories suitable with the ages of your family members. If you have children then go for unbreakable accessories like those made of brass, wood or ivory. If your family members are adults then you can have crystal pieces.
  10. Be patient when you choose the television case or table, as it should have shelves for carrying books. You can have a small bookcase if you have spacious area.

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