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18 Steps to Organize Your Small Kitchen Perfectly!

18 Steps To Organize Your Small Kitchen Perfectly!

Kitchen is the most overcrowded place in your home as it contains a lot of cooking tools and equipment. So, a lot of women get confused because they can’t put their tools in an organized manner, because of its small space. Now, we are going to show you some steps and ideas that will help you squeeze more storage out of your tiny kitchen.

How to maximize each corner in your kitchen?

Make your kitchen neat and tidy by following these steps:

  1. Divide the cabinets and shelves using accessories; organizers for partitioning the cabinet or shelf into small partitions to help you put each tool in its place, like forks, spoons, knives, and glasses, to be more organized and easy-to-be reached.
  2. Use small drawers to keep the serving trays that occupy a great space of the kitchen.
  3. Take advantage of any free space to keep your tools, for example, you can use the walls by putting some shelves to keep spices jars and cups in an organized way.
  4. Make use of the free wall spaces and the free spaces between top and down drawers of the kitchen as well as using the kitchen accessories to hang up your frequently-used tools.
  5. Make sure, always, that the tools you use daily are within easy reach.
  6. Designate a specific drawer for food storage to be able to find the product you want at any time.
  7. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors using an organizer to put spices jars or pot covers.
  8. Use the free space under the sink, but be careful as not the whole tools are OK to be stored there! This free space is the prime storage territory for the basket. Also, it’s ok to add shelves for cleaning supplies and kitchen towels.
  9.   Use the deep drawers in storing long tools like spoons, forks, knives as well as cups and plates.
  10. Add a vertical cabinet with some accessories to have a great place to store metallic cutlery “spoons, forks, knives, scoops, and so”.
  11. Add drawers down the kitchen cabinet is a great idea to store the plates or any tools.
  12. Add other wood drawers for the spices jars if you don’t like to keep them on the cabinet roof.
  13. Design a deep drawer to store the plates easily.
  14. Designate one or two shelves for the products that won’t be rotten in the enclosed places.
  15. Store the heavy tools in the down drawers and the light tools in the top drawers.
  16. Note that shelves that are opened upward are space savers and more stylish.
  17. Put all your cutlery sets in one place to be handy.  
  18. Finally, just buy what you need and what you use only not to turn your kitchen into an overcrowded place!

It’s not impossible to make your tiny kitchen comfortable, just you need to be more organized and tidier to make it relaxing and nice place during cooking!

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