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21 Important Tourist Places in Kuwait

Top 21 Sights in Kuwait City

Top 21 Famous Landmarks in Kuwait

Tourism in Kuwait may not be a main goal for many visitors, but it has turned from just an international center for managing giant economic projects to a country that attracts tourism with its historical, cultural and entertainment treasures.

Kuwait is located on the Arabian Gulf, and is one of the important oil countries, which was able to benefit from its wealth in the development of tourism significantly. Visitors to Kuwait are usually politicians and businessmen, and Kuwait has been able to take advantage of its tourism capabilities to attract them to learn about its history and culture, spend time away from work in wonderful resorts and international shopping centers, and visit multiple museums and historical palaces, also Kuwait has a large waterfront that has been developed And the introduction of many recreational facilities on it, and it has an entertainment city for children and adults, so let us get acquainted with the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kuwait

Three slender towers (Kuwait Towers)

The Most Important landmarks of Kuwait


Kuwait Towers:

The Kuwait Towers are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait, the capital. Where there are restaurants, cafes and places for entertainment. The height of the tallest towers is about 187 meters, and its spherical shape is characterized by the fact that it rotates on its axis a full revolution every half an hour, and it has a revolving restaurant, which allows the tourist to view a panoramic view of all areas of Kuwait while eating or through the revolving observatory.

Many gift and souvenir shops have spread at the entrance to the towers, and the towers have been surrounded by a garden where children can enjoy many joyful games, and watching the towers at night with their shimmering colors is one of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait.


Liberation Tower:

One of the important tourist attractions in Kuwait is the “Liberation Tower”, the symbol of Kuwait’s liberation after it was exposed to the Iraqi invasion in 1990. Its construction began in 1992, and it was officially opened in 1996. Its height is 372 meters

A luxurious type of ceramic was used in the construction of the facade of the tower, which casts wonderful shades in the sunlight, while the upper floors of the tower were covered with a type of ionized aluminum, in order to provide protection for the tower from high temperatures, and the tower is also equipped with a rotating platform and an observatory for viewing The city’s landmarks through it, and the rotating restaurant in the tower allows enjoying sightseeing, and taking many souvenir photos.

And the ground floor of the tower contains a number of the most important international shops, which display the most important international brands for shopping enthusiasts


Grand Mosque:

The Great Mosque was built on an area of ​​45 thousand square meters and the area of ​​the buildings is half of the total area. It was built in the Islamic style with its magnificent inscriptions, and it was an architectural masterpiece and one of the tourist attractions in Kuwait, which is visited by tourists from everywhere. And Sharia, interpretation and hadith, a hall to receive visitors, the mosque has a large dome that covers most of the prayer hall, and an Andalusian-style minaret. The walls are decorated with Islamic inscriptions and Quranic verses.

The mosque has been decorated with magnificent huge chandeliers and luxurious carpets, and it is in its entirety an architectural masterpiece that tourists are keen to visit and take souvenir photos.


The Avenues Mall – Kuwait:

The Avenues Mall is one of the most important international commercial centers. It was awarded the Best Mall in the Middle East for 2013. Therefore, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait, and one of the most important tourist attractions in it. An impressive group of malls and international stores for the most important brands and brands, and it consists of 7 areas: First Avenue, then Second Avenue, followed by Grand Avenue, in addition to Prestige, the mall, the market, and SoKu


In its design, it was taken into account to be a representative of the oldest cities in the world with its character, its most important landmarks, its products and its famous restaurants, in addition to cafes and play areas for children.


Al Hamra Tower:

A visit to Kuwait would not be complete without passing through the Al-Hamra Commercial Tower, an architectural marvel that is intended for those wishing to travel in Kuwait due to its strong distinction in terms of architectural construction, which has taken an open conical shape. The tower on the bay.

Al-Hamra Tower is the tallest building in Kuwait, with a height of 414 meters, and it is one of the 23 tallest buildings in the world. This tower has won several awards, it was built with environmentally friendly materials and won the award for the best skyscraper and the best building under construction in 2007.


Al Shaheed Park:

Al-Shaheed Park is located on the periphery of Kuwait city, and the most important thing in it is the Martyr’s Monument, which was executed in a wonderful artistic way. It is a seven-meter-high glass sculpture, erected in order to commemorate the martyrs of Kuwait throughout history. Where the park was decorated with many artificial lakes and sculptures of different shapes, sizes and types, created and designed by Kuwaiti youth.

The park also includes a memorial museum that includes historical and cultural holdings of Kuwaiti creators from different times.


Green Island – Kuwait:

Kuwait seeks to develop the tourism sector in the country to increase the demand for tourism in Kuwait, and the most important of these constructions is the Green Island, which is part of the giant waterfront project, which was developed and modernized by the Kuwait Company for Touristic Projects.

The Green Island was opened in 1988, on an area of ​​785 square meters. It is an artificial island within the Gulf, and it is connected to Al-Yaisa through a 134-meter-long corridor.

The Green Island includes a number of tourist facilities designed to suit the nature of the region, and it has an artificial lake that derives its water from the Gulf waters, taking advantage of the tidal phenomenon, along with a number of playgrounds, parks, children’s amusement park and restaurants, and it also has a Roman-style theater that can accommodate 700 spectators.


The Scientific Center – Kuwait:

The Kuwait Scientific Center was built on an area of ​​80,000 square meters and was designed in the old Kuwaiti architectural style.

With earthen facades and wooden ceilings in the shape of ancient Bom sails It is a pearl-fishing sailboat and is considered one of the ancient Kuwaiti heritage. Part of it was built on the filling of part of the Gulf, and it has a winding walkway on the beach that resembles the waves of the sea. Some areas and places extending within the waters of the Gulf have been allocated for fishing enthusiasts

The center was established to be an incubator of history and ancient and modern sciences, and a launching center for scientific research in the fields of science and the environment. The center includes three main sections: a cinematic exhibition hall, aquarium, and a discovery hall. It also includes a museum that reviews the stages of shipbuilding in the past.


Kuwait National Museum:

The Kuwait National Museum was opened in its final form in 1983, and the purpose of its establishment was to collect the folklore of Kuwait in one place, as Kuwait is keen to preserve its identity and deepen that feeling among the new generations, and after the emergence of a number of archaeological discoveries in Failaka Island, pieces were added to these holdings. Antiques and coins dating back to the Bronze and Greek eras, and these discoveries were made by a Danish expedition.

The museum is divided into three sections. The first section is a hall for displaying the museum’s holdings in its historical sequence, and a note and definition for each piece in it. It also includes a library, a cinema hall, and a lecture hall. It is a permanent destination for researchers and scholars


Al Kout Beach:

Kuwait is characterized by the extension of its beaches on the Arabian Gulf, allowing the presence of many beaches, all suitable for playing beach games, and Al-Kut Beach has a special distinction, as it is a family beach in which various cafes and restaurants spread out, and next to it many commercial centers that take care of the family’s needs, so it is perfectly suitable In order for families to spend the weekend to spend a fun time of fun, swimming, water skiing and watching the dancing fountain, and at the same time they complete their shopping needs in the same place


Kuwait Zoo:

The zoo in Kuwait means more than just a place that includes a number of pets and savages. In addition to lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas and other well-known animals, it includes a natural museum with many mummies, their dates and their habitat. It is considered a nature reserve that includes many rare animals that create a similar environment for them. So it’s natural environment

The zoo is keen to be a natural museum that gives visitors, in addition to entertainment and recreation, culture and knowledge, and for students it is a center for study and research, and for children it has a park with all the electric games that are popular and welcomed by them, in addition to the wonderful coordination of the garden with its trees, orchards and rest areas for the convenience of visitors.


Kuwait Mirror House:

The House of Mirrors is the home of the late plastic artist Khalifa Al Qattan, which, after his death, turned into a museum that commemorates his work and becomes a shrine after him. His Italian wife turned it into a distinctive work of art. She used pieces of mirrors and colored glass to decorate the walls and walls of the house with wonderful designs of birds and deep seas of colorful fish. And designs for flowers and plants. There are also many verses of the Noble Qur’an made of mirrors and colored glass. Halls have been dedicated to displaying the artistic production of the late artist Khalifa Al-Qattan, as well as the many awards that the artist received during his artistic career. Tourism in Kuwait to enjoy this fine art


Souk Al-Mubarakiya – Kuwait:

Souk Al-Mubarakiya – Kuwait The tourist always seeks to research the origins and history, and yearns to discover the past, and the Mubarakiya market is one of these places that attract the foreign tourist, who is fascinated by the charm of the past. Various dates and popular sweets, and there are places for goldsmiths and jewelers, especially pearls extracted from the Gulf

Persian carpet lovers often find what they want in this place, where they also find spices, perfumes and clothes of a popular character, and through the restaurants scattered there are popular dishes that the tourist accepts to try and taste


Aqua Park – Kuwait:

Aqua Park Kuwait is a great example of integrated recreational tourism, as it is located near the Kuwait Towers and on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and it is the largest water park in the entire Gulf region, with many swimming pools of different shapes and sizes to suit young and old, as well as different playgrounds for many games And for lovers of adventure, there is a surfing area, and a speed that children go to with parents for more joy and fun, and slides are spread everywhere and at different heights to suit young and old

There is also the lazy river for lovers to relax through a tour around the area in a rubber boat in the quiet man-made river, and a lot of restaurants that offer different types of food, cafes and lounges scattered around the games


Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts:

The Tariq Rajab Museum is an Islamic museum par excellence. Tariq Rajab, the founder of the museum, nicknamed the father of museums, was keen that the museum includes everything related to Islamic civilization since its beginnings, and Islamic art in all its wonderful details. Ancient and rare manuscripts from different eras, as well as a number of ancient musical instruments, pottery and some gold and silver collectibles, all accompanied by a full explanation of each historical stage to which these holdings belong, and thus the Tariq Rajab Museum became a destination for researchers in the origins of authentic Arab art, both Arabs and foreigners


Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre:

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, or what is known as the Kuwait Opera House, is located on the Arabian Gulf Street, and its buildings were designed in the form of a group of jewels. Halls for holding exhibitions and conferences designed in the Islamic style, and the center witnesses many concerts, singing and theatrical performances, as well as cultural events


360 Mall:

360 Mall is one of the most famous malls in Kuwait and has an international reputation, as it won the award for the best mall in the world for the year 2011, during the annual competition conducted by RLI magazine. In addition to the international malls, there are 15 cinema halls, a hall for VIPs, as well as many different restaurants, fast food restaurants, restrooms and cafes, and it also includes many places of entertainment and entertainment for young and old


Failaka Island – Kuwait:

Failaka Island is one of the islands scattered in the Arabian Gulf and one of the oldest tourist attractions in Kuwait. In the past, it was a route for the passage of trade between Kuwait and neighboring countries. The island is rich in many historical monuments dating back to many eras, and also has the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Museum, which includes in its holdings many Kuwaiti heritage collections

In view of the historical importance of the island, its general geographical location, and its enjoyment of wonderful coasts and beaches, it was decided to build a land bridge linking it to the capital, Kuwait, and many villas, tourist facilities, and motels were built to receive visitors from all over the world, to visit archaeological sites and visit its heritage museum, and enjoy the exercise Many coastal activities such as fishing, boating and swimming


Fountain Garden – Kuwait:

Al Nafoura Park (Fountain Garden) is located in the center of the capital, Kuwait, specifically in the Salmiya neighborhood. It was established on an area of ​​16,000 square meters and was officially opened to the public in 1983. It is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Kuwait for visitors of all ages

In the middle of the garden is a giant musical fountain, which is considered one of the largest musical fountains in the world. The giant fountain is surrounded by seating and multiple games for children. It is considered one of the most attractive places of entertainment for visitors. The place radiates joy and fun. The fresh melodies, the place where all services are completed and it has a cafeteria for selling snacks and refreshments, and the spacious green spaces in the place give those who want to take a walk a suitable space


Entertainment City – Kuwait:

It is one of the most important entertainment projects in the whole Middle East and is located in the Hawalli region. The entertainment city is divided into four sections representing the Arab region, the international, the future world, and the regional park to complete the tourism elements

The Arab section carries Arab features such as equestrian and travelers, the famous owl in the Gulf region, and many games for different ages. The international section bears the character of all continents of the world, such as the African, Australian, American, Asian, and European character. The future section represents electronic games and space games. The regional park has all the services that serve visitors, such as green spaces, cafes, restaurants, rest houses, and a host of other dazzling games for young and old


SkyZone Trampoline Park – Kuwait:

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the latest tourist facility, which was opened in 2015. It is located in Al Rabieh area and is the first indoor park to be held in Kuwait. It specializes in gymnasium games, where there are playgrounds for boxing, wrestling, discus throwing, jumping and all different games. Their different age stages, and equipped with many amazing games, and this unique park is registered as one of the tourism areas in Kuwait


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