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5 Places for The Perfect Family Vacation in Portugal

Portugal for a Family Holiday-Travel Guide in Portugal

Portugal is a great destination for lovers of rich history and great beaches, and is an ideal spot for those looking to relax during the holiday, especially among the quietest places away from the crowds, and in the following report we offer you dear traveler the best family destinations when you travel to Portugal that you can Enjoy your holiday quietly.

What are the best family destinations when travelling to Portugal?

  1. Alentejo

In Alentejo, rich green pastures, ancient castles and historic cities such as Fez and Evora are among Portugal’s quietest and most beautiful areas, with beautiful white houses in the orchards in a beautiful and comforting appearance, making it ideal for walking and riding. bicycles as well as horses.

When travelling to Portugal and visiting the city, experts recommend exploring the coast, including small protected bays between the cliffs, many of which offer visitors the opportunity to practice fun water sports.

  • Obidos

Near Lisbon is the charming town of Obidos, famous for its impressive walls, which surrounds houses between cobbled streets as if you were in an ancient historic village, and you will enjoy a lot of those ancient buildings with magnificent architecture, including the famous castle. and the remaining traces around.

What will add to your enjoyment is the souk hosted by the castle in July each year called the “Medieval Souk”, a two-week festival to restore the spirit of medieval Europe on the ground in spectacular scenes.

  • São Miguel Island

The island of São Miguel is locally referred to as “Algeciras, the largest and most populous of the Azores. The kiss of those seeking to stay in the midst of the most beautiful natural features between the incomparable scenes, and the island is also a kiss for adventurers due to its unique geological composition.

Between beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, hills, high mountains and green plains, the island offers visitors a mix of contemporary life with a historical flavor, as well as the possibility of whale watching and swimming with dolphins, hiking, trekking, diving, fishing with fish finder, and safaris, Bird watching, wonderful golf courses and many outdoor activities.

Between the sandy beaches and dense pine forests, and the picturesque nature there you will find abundant opportunities for horse riding, hiking and cycling in Esponesindi making it an ideal destination for adventure in Portugal, as well as being a great destination for gourmet seafood lovers.

Esponesindi is a family spot in Portugal, with a number of parks and beaches ideal for all kinds of water sports.

  • Vieira do Minho

When you travel to Portugal it will also be nice to head to the north of the country, you can visit Vieira do Minho, a beautiful rural area with a rich history manifested in traditional culture and magnificent architecture, as well as prehistoric monuments, and a collection of the finest landscapes Mountain, typical villages and delicious Portuguese flavors.

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