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5 Ways to Use Eyeliner for Beginners

5 ways to use eyeliner for beginners


The eyeliner is the magical way for every girl to highlight her beauty since it draws the eye and gives it a brighten look, but many girls don’t have the skill of using eyeliner or even simple highlighting parts, so we are presenting to you the most famous and simple ways to use the eyeliner without spoiling your look.

First, take into account choosing the eyeliner with high quality and from a well-known brand to assure having a perfect result and to avoid other problems like flowing the eyeliner. Make sure also to draw your eye with the eyeliner over a foundation on eyelids to guarantee having the eyeliner fixed as long as possible.

If you are afraid of not being able to hold the eyeliner well during applying it over your eye especially if you are one of the beginners, it is recommended to use the following method and to apply it with the style of your choice to your eye. Draw then separate points parallel to the upper line of eyelashes the connect between these three lines. In case of using liquid eyeliner, draw your eyes with dry eyeliner first then go over the highlighting line with the eyeliner. These are the most famous styles of drawing the eye with eyeliner, so choose what you feel better for you.

  1. Simple upper highlighting

The simplest way of highlighting the eye is to draw a thin line parallel to the upper eyelashes starting from inside out and to stop the line at the end of the eyelashes. Go over the line again to give it density and leave the lower eyelashes line without eyeliner or use the eyeliner slightly.

  1. Highlighting the cat’s eye

Highlighting the cat’s eye style gives your eye a dramatic style and gives it a magical look. All what you have to do is to apply the same previous method and to drag the highlighting line outside the eye to the upper direction. If you are afraid of non-straight line when you drag it to the outside, put an sloped paper at the edges of your eye or a small brush with a sloped angle; then extend the eye line parallel to it or you can fix the eyeliner in an sloped way to connect between the nose and eye edges.

  1. Highlighting the edges only

If you are suffering from light eyelashes then you can give it thick look by highlighting the eye’s edges only. Close your eyes and pass the eyeliner parallel to the upper eyelashes line in the outer one third of the eye only, so the eyeliner goes through the eyelashes and you can increase the thickness of the highlighting line in this area. Your eyelashes will look more intensive and attractive.

  1. Highlighting the whole eye

This method is one of the methods that gives the eye strength and gives you a brave look. It works by highlighting the eye from upside down and to connect the highlighting two lines together whether outside the eye at edges or from inside. You can highlight the whole eye through the style of cat’s eye or simple highlighting.

  1. Highlighting the opened eyes

In this method, you draw the eye from up to down and to extend the highlighting line to the outside without not connecting them together and to leave a small space in-between them.


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