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5 Ways to Wear a Pastel Cardigan-Hijab Fashion

5 Methods to Wear Cardigan for Hijab Fashion


With the approach of summer, the fashion of clothes began to appear in light and cheerful colors, and veiled women are looking for long, loose-fitting clothes that go with the hijab, which made the cardigan an ideal choice for them. It is a long and an easy-to-wear piece and this year is considered a woman’s close friend in the summer, it can be worn at any time and any occasion.


Baby blue cardigan with white pants:
The fashion blogger said that you can wear the baby blue cardigan with white pants and a white shirt, as it is a light and very refreshing summer look, this look can be worn while going to work or even for a walk during the day.


Cardigan in pastel shades :
And it added that you can also wear the cardigan in two different shades with pants and a dark black T-shirt, as it is a distinctive and different set as well, suitable for day meetings, outings, and going out for a work dinner or light night outings.

Denim color cardigan:
The fashion blogger added that you can wear a denim color cardigan with a light white cotton dress, and a waist belt.

White cardigan:
And it added that it consider the white cardigan look under it a jeans set consisting of wide jeans, a jeans shirt and a waist belt, is very distinctive to go to work or university as one of the best light summer looks that relieves you of the heat.

Beige cardigan:
You can also wear a beige cardigan and under it a long blouse below the knee and long blue jeans, which is a distinctive look for walking in the mall, shopping and morning outings.

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