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7 Healthy Foods to Beauty Your Hair

7 Healthy Foods to Beauty Your Hair

Those are the best food that you can use to supply your hair and to avoid its damage.

Beans: Beans, lentils and the rest of grains and magical elements to make your hair grow again and avoid getting fall. It contains a high percentage of zinc, protein, biotin and iron.

Fish: It is considered very rich with Omega 3 and healthy fats, so you should go for eating fish. Since fish contains fatty acids, it is not an essential for a healthy body, but for a bright hair.

Egg and Milk: Your body needs protein to keep healthy and the same matter for your skin and hair, so it is recommended to have more eggs and skimmed milk that contains protein.

Walnut: Do you know that walnut and the rest of nuts can be used to increase your health and beauty, as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals in addition to zinc and selenium.

Carrot: If you are suffering from dandruff then eat carrots that contains vitamin A that overcome all of these problems.

Vegetables: It is recommended an important source for vitamin A and C, so it you want to have a very soft hair then try to add salad and vegetables to your meals.

Shellfish: One of the best foods for hair as it contains great amounts of zinc and it is anti-oxidant, which can maintain your hair strong.

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