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7 Ideas for Using Mirrors in Your Home Décor

What Are The Best Tips Before Buying A Mirror for Home?

7 Innovative ideas for using mirrors in home décor.. ” like professional person”


Ideas for using mirrors in your home décor

Decorating the house with mirrors has many benefits and an attractive appearance, and it can give a special luster and increase the natural light and increase that effect on the space in the house, and it is possible to use mirrors in order to move the décor from the ordinary level to the professional level without the help of an interior designer, only you can try these ideas.

Tips before buying a mirror for home

Reflection: Before installing any mirror, the thing that this mirror reflects or the thing opposite it must be taken into consideration. Where it is preferable to place it in front of one of the windows of the room in order to give it a greater amount of natural light; Or it can be placed opposite an important architectural element, such as a painting or a piece of furniture, as this gives decorative mirrors great importance.

Choosing the place for decorative mirrors: It is important when installing mirrors in home décor to consider the place where they are placed. Where many prefer to put it in the corridors or at the entrance to the house; It is the common and widespread place in most homes. As it makes narrow entrances and corridors more spacious.

Size of decorative mirrors: Decorative mirrors vary in size from small to large ones. Where you can use small mirrors and install them on the wall; Because of its strong influence, as it creates a warm and familiar atmosphere inside the home; It appears as a beautiful painting on the wall. Taking into consideration not to occupy the wall with more other things, these additional things will be unnecessary.

Regarding large mirrors they can be wall-mounted or placed in dressing rooms; Even if the room is narrow, the use of large mirrors creates depth and space, and thus helps give small rooms a sense of spaciousness, and is also suitable for narrow places such as corridors; Mirrors can also be installed from the bathroom floor to the ceiling, as they give the small bathroom more space, and suggest the presence of high ceilings that attract the eye.


The right places to put the mirror

 What are the best places in the house to put the mirror?

 How do I choose the right mirror for the house or room?


Putting the mirrors opposite the windows

Placing mirrors is useful for small living room ideas or small dining room ideas, and the natural light of the room can be increased, and the mirrors may be placed where the light falls naturally, which enhances the natural light and makes the room appear larger and brighter, and the mirror in front of the window reflects the natural light and green spaces in a smaller room.

Adding mirrors as Tiles

 Mirrors can be combined in the kitchen to lighten the space, which is an idea suitable for a small kitchen. There are many options for decorating with mirrors in the kitchen instead of tiles, starting with using mirrors on the walls and on the kitchen cabinet.

Mirrored furniture

 Mirrors can be incorporated into the furniture patterns from the side panels to the bed frames to enhance the lighting in the room and give the place more space.

 Decorating the bedroom with a mirror panel

If there is plenty of space in the bedroom, mirrors can be used as a focal piece but care must be taken that the mirrors are not facing the bed as it can focus the light in the sleeping space and reduce comfort.

Dealing with mirrors as an artistic work

Mirrors can be dealt with as if they are pieces of artwork on the wall, by choosing a distinctive frame for each mirror and distributing them in an aesthetic way, so that you don’t have to hang paintings at the time.

Using  mirrors as a focus

 Lady, you can use the mirror as a focus; If you prefer to highlight or focus on a specific corner inside the room or reflect a specific thing of value such as a luxurious piece of furniture or valuable accessories, whether statues or distinctive antiques; It is often placed on shelves and buffets in the dining room, and you have to put candlesticks on both sides in order to get a perfect focus.

Using many decorative mirrors

Multiple decorative mirrors can be used on one wall so that they are interconnected; So they appear as paintings or family photos that give a harmonious look to the place, because that wall of mirrors will look beautiful and  gives the impression of order inside the room.   

 What are the best ways to clean and maintain a mirror at home?

Cleaning and maintaining decorative mirrors

 You must clean and maintain decorative mirrors, as mirrors do not require constant maintenance. As for cleaning, you can clean it with a feather mop. With a small amount of window cleaning solution in order to make it  shine and give it an attractive look.

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