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7 Major Differences Between Men and Women Regarding Perceiving Things

7 Major differences between Men and Women regarding perceiving things
  1. Difference in looking to things: It seems as men are looking to the world through telescope while women look to it through a microscope. Women see more than men see and care about every single detail, but men take the general picture of something.
  2. Differences in remembering things: Women remember different things than these things remembered by men that the women’s memory plays an important role in using the information since they have a stronger memory than men do and they see more details while men go for noticing the general picture for the same situations.
  3. Women and men solve problems in different ways: men prefer moving on from the problem quickly when deciding the right decision and start achieving the goals of the solution, but women prefer setting different probabilities before going for any of them.
  4. Men and women listen to others in a different way: men find it hard to understand the purpose of any conversation when the place is crowded, but women are able to understand what they listen even in noisy environment.
  5. Men and women takes decisions in different ways: Regarding women, taking decisions is the major element they think about since they look to the results of this decision over the long-term, but men look to the results that happens over the short term,
  6. Priorities varies from men to women: The ability of women to think about several topic at the same time affects their priorities since women can think about several things, but men prefer thinking about topics respectively.
  7. Dealing with work stress: Both of them deal with that in a different way since men work hard or quitting, but women prefer sharing solution of problems with coworkers.


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