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7 Top Hair Color Trends for Summer 2022

7 Best Fashion Trend for women's Hair

Before you dye, know the hair color trends for summer 2022


 What are the best hair colors for this year?


This year’s best fashion trend for women

Many girls are passionate about learning about fashion in all its forms, in order to keep pace with that fashion and take what suits them, and there are several new colors that are the fashion of hair colors for the summer of 2022.


Blond hair color

 This is one of the  blonde hair color that is the opposite to the  platinum blonde, this color is a blonde color that looks natural, attractive and light, is wonderfully soft, is neutral on the golden side, and makes the white girl look charming, fresh and fun.


Reddish yellow hair color

 Everyone will go for a reddish-yellow color, and this different shade of hair can be experimented  on skin and hair color, a blonde girl can turn it into a light red, and a brunette girl can make it a warm and bright color with a cherry or copper color.


Mushroom brown hair color

 In the summer, the hair color can be made bright as the bright golden color. Previously, the color was uncommon, unlike the blonde color, in the nineties, but the trend is now different, and a wonderful gray color can be added and may be suitable for autumn and winter colors.


Rose gold hair color

 Rose gold is an enthusiastic color and gives a sense of freedom, it is bright and different, from normal blonde, brown and red hair, but it looks natural and simple, and it is elegant.


Warm blond hair color

Golden blonde is a popular color in the past couple of years, but it’s a little darker than the familiar blonde color, and it has dimensions in low light, and this color is warm and natural, like the main hair color.


Caramel chocolate hair color

 That color is an attractive color with a warm caramel color, as if the hair contains honey, because of the greatness of its color, and the hair can be curled to obtain lights and an attractive look.


Dark brown color hair color

 for this color, which is very suitable for brunettes, and gives lightness and is suitable for the summer, with a warm touch of chocolate brown, it is a natural color to the maximum extent, and it is suitable with all colors of bright summer clothes, such as the bright green color.

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