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7 Unique Ideas for Wearing a Kimono

7 Ways for Wearing a Kimono

The kimono is one of the trends that will remain popular for a long time. That is why there are some fashion tips on how to wear a kimono in a fashionable and attractive way. Kimono is available in many shapes and colors, and you can coordinate it with any other piece of clothing for a bohemian chic look on summer or winter outings. Follow these next tips for wearing a kimono attractively and get ready to shine whether you are veiled or not.

1- A great summer look for a modern summer look, coordinate the kimono with shorts and a thin top and choose gorgeous sandals or sneakers.

2- Tight dress the best advice for coordinating a kimono jacket is to wear it with a tight dress. If the kimono is patterned, make sure the dress is neutral and takes the shape of the body.


3- The white color look if you own a colorful kimono, there is nothing better than wearing it over white clothes. This is a great way to highlight colors on your modern style and look.


4- Short Top for your elegance on the beach, wear a kimono jacket with a short top and elegant shorts.


5- Jeans and a baggy top for days when you can’t think of what to wear but want to look chic, add a kimono jacket to your jeans and baggy top, and go.


6- Swimsuit: The best fashion tip for wearing a kimono jacket is to use it as a cover up for your swimsuit (cash mayo) when you are at the beach. This way, you will never need a beach dress again.

7- An elegant look for the evening, a kimono jacket is not only limited to casual looks, but you can coordinate it with skinny jeans, an attractive top, and distinctive high-heeled shoes.

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