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8 Tips to Give Brightness to Your Hair

8 Tips to Give Brightness to Your Hair


Nothing is better than a bright hair, so these are the best tips that you can follow to have a bright hair:

1-Don’t use too much water: even when water is so healthy, it can take the brightness away off your hair because the high moisture will make the hair’s root swelling. The more you use water the more you’ll lose its brightness.

2-Don’t rub your hair with shampoo as it has harmful elements for the scalp, so don’t rub your hair hardly when using shampoo and choose soft ones that doesn’t harm your hair.

3-Use a softening cream because hair gets a lot of damage while being cut.

4-Dry your hair with the caress method with towel because drying it hardly with definitely harm you hair.

5-Don’t comb it too much and don’t believe the myth that says you have to comb your hair 100 times every night. It works on stripping the outer layer over time and as a result, your hair will become weak.

6-Avoid hot machines because the hot temperature harm the natural fats (oils) that helps the hair maintain its brightness. If you’ll have to use one of these machines then use a protecting spray that contain silicon.

7-Avoid dying your hair: chemical dyes are very harmful because it breaks the inner skeleton for the hair protein. Even if you used a special conditioner that comes with the dye, it will not help too much.

8-Don’t pull your hair a lot: pulling the hair with the shape of ponytail may seem so easy, but pulling your hair too much makes small splits that reflects the light in a non-equal way. Hence, your hair will not look bright.

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