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9 Tips to Convert Men’s Jeans to Women’s Pants

9 Easy Tips: How to turn men's jeans into women's jeans?

How do you convert men’s jeans to women’s pants?

It has become known to many fashionista’s that you no longer need to look in only your own closet for the perfect jeans or slacks. Men’s jeans are being made to fit women’s styles, and are repeating a trend that was popular in the thirties.

The types of styles that men’s trousers come in for women vary. You can find anything from rubber, to cloth, silk, satin, wool, and of course denim. You can also find them tight or loose fitting, high or low waisted, just as you would see in a woman’s pants. The difference is the edgy-ness of it, and also what seems to be the political statement we as women have been saying for years, “Anything you can do, I can do better.”


Here are some tips to help you find the perfect “mens” pants for you:

– Learn the way men’s trousers are measured. They are a bit different than the way women’s pants are labeled, so do your research and find out which size is best for      you.

– Avoid pants which have rubber in waist, because these kinds of pants give you extra weight between waist and hips.

– Don’t be afraid to play with colors and textures. If it fits your style and gives you confidence, it is worth the buy.

– Women who have the length in their legs, can wear broad trousers because it will not accentuate that characteristic. If the woman is short, she can wear short trousers that are wide below the knee, and also pair with high heels.

– If you give the rubber pants texture a try, stick with darker colors.

– A high gloss of fabric gives false implication, try to avoid if you have extra weight in region of hips.

– Use the blazer jacket and tunic to hide flaws in the hips or upper thighs where necessary.

– The optimum length of the pants is that which touches the ankle, you can wear shoes with high heels, medium, or low.

– Last but not least, your mirror is your guide. Try on your man’s trousers before you borrow or buy some of your own, and stand in front of the mirror. If you like what you see go for it!

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