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A Dollhouse Lamp

Dollhouse Lamp

Lamp for a Dollhouse:

In this project we will try to explain: How we make a beautiful lamp for dollhouse using cupcake, and some other ordinary elements. We can make various kinds of craft by using the recycled elements beside us. Actually there are lots of recycled materials we think those are unnecessary. But those could really be useable, and lucrative if we can use them in the right way.

How to Make a Dollhouse Lamp:


– A Cupcake 

– Some beads. You might use any color of beads as you wish. By using colorful beads you could make it more lucrative.

– Glue

– A Toothpick 

– Bottle cap



– At the first stage you would put the glue on the middle, and top of the bottle cap.

– Put a bead in the middle of the bottle cap, on the glue.

– Place the toothpick on the whole of the bead, because you’re going to use it as a Lamp Stand. You have to place the toothpick properly in the hole of the bead. After placing the toothpick, put some glue on the joint point.

– After placing the toothpick vertically, start to cover the toothpick with the rest of beads.

–  Then make a hole in the middle of the cupcake. Then place it properly on the toothpick.

-For hiding the rest part of the toothpick, put some of glue on the toothpick, and add a bead in the top of the toothpick.

– Now you have a nice lamp for your doll.


Second Idea

Miniature – Working Light From A Ballonlight by Daniela mini


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