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Anti-Depression Foods

Anti-depression foods


You can keep your child focused and relaxed by knowing the positive effects of foods through the following guidance.



Eating Asida or any food based on oats is so good for starting the day of your child. Oats releases the energy slowly instead of increasing it rapidly to get down rapidly as a result, which makes your child hungry fast.

Oats makes your child also relaxed since it is a source of glutamic that is used by the skin to produce an element in the brain called Gaba. It is an anti-worrying element and you can add raisins or peeled apply with berries for a better taste.

“Drinking water or milk”

It is natural to keep your child’s body wet since it will help in overcoming reactions and depression situations. The juices of these fruits increases the energy of your child, so make sure you provide him with water or milk and other moistures like coconut milk that is rich with calcium.



Salmon and sardines helps with electrical signals DHA since it contains Omega and fat acids and it helps on concentrating, which keeps the child more focused and relaxed.

You can serve the fish pie with topped mashed cheese of smoked fish with creamy cheese and lemon juice.


It is perfect if your child is nervous since it is rich with tyrosine that enhance his abilities and will make him able to start repeatedly without frustration.


“Minced Meat”

When your child drinks milk, he receives the required amount of iron, but when he goes for cow milk, its percentages might go down while the lack of this element will lead to a reduction of focusing.

Make sure to provide minced meat and beams or chicken thighs, dried fruit that enhances studying abilities.


If your child doesn’t like sleeping, then you should add some elements like chicken that enhances the hormone of happiness, which guarantees keeping him happy and reduce depression situations. You can serve it with pasta or rice since eating rice at night enhances the relaxation and sleeping.


Add green vegetables like spinach or cabbage to make your child happier since it is rich with zinc and magnesium that plays an important role in improving the development of brain. Spinach is rich with vitamin B that is associated with the mood and you can add vegetables in the form of small pieces with tomato sauce or bolognaise.



Banana contains Tryptophan and Vitamin B and carbohydrates.

“Dried Apricot”

It is good for your child because it is rich with iron. You can mix it with walnut if his doctor is not banning him from using it.

What to be avoided

Sugar that is contained in several ways in a hidden way like fructose, maltose, glucose or sucrose.

Colors: Avoid it because it is the reason of increment of movement. Those additions are like SUNSHINE YELLOW E110، PONCEAU 4R ( E124)، CARMOISINE (E122)، SODIUM BENZOATE( E211).

Food allergy: Some children has food allergies from citrus, milk or wheat because it increase the movement of the child, so consult the doctor to have a balanced nutrient diet.

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