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Arab Qamar al-Deen Juice Recipe (Apricot Juice) Traditional Ramadan Drink

Arab Qamar al-Deen Juice Recipe (Apricot Juice) Traditional Ramadan Drink

DIY Qamar al-Deen Juice Recipe

Qamar al-Deen is one of the well-known juices of the holy month, Ramadan, in Arab countries. The Levant is famous for planting the best apricot types that have an abundant harvest. However, its season is too short, so that people thought of drying the fruits, including apricot, in order to enjoy them throughout the year and also because they are tasty and have great benefits. Preparing Qamar al-Deen is a way of storing up the fruits to use them for preparing desserts, and drinks. Here, we’ll show you the easiest way for preparing Qamar al-Deen juice and pudding.  

What is Qamar al-Deen!

Everything about it:

Qamar al-Deen or the sugared and dried apricot juice is one of the famous Syrian desserts and drinks.

Syria is very famous for a lot of cuisine, desserts and drinks. One of them is Qamar al-Deen as the best type of apricot that is dried to be Qamar al-Deen is planted in Ghouta area of Damascus, where there are a plenty of laboratories and factories that plant the whole apricot types, used in preparing desserts variety and drinks, such as the known Syrian apricot.

The old traditional way to prepare Qamar al-Deen is by squeezing the apricot, adding sugar, then bringing it to a boil. Pour them on a wooden board with olive oil and expose them to the sun till they are fully dried. Cut them into small pieces and wrap them up as layers. However, today Qamar al-deen is made using the latest machines in the modern equipped factories that are everywhere in Ghouta and Damascus. Qamar al-Deen consumption increases in Ramadan in the whole Islamic countries and Syria exports it to the whole world.

There are many uses of Qamar al-Deen as you can eat it as it is, make it a juice, or use it in preparing some kinds of desserts.

How to Make Apricot Juice Recipe


  • One Coil of Qamar al-Deen
  • Sugar -as desired- taste it during stirring till getting the desired taste
  • Tepid water – around 1 liter
  • Dates or nuts for decoration -as desired –



Step 1– Soak the coil of Qamar al-Deen in the tepid water for one day

Step 2– Stir it well till dissolving then drain it and add sugar as desired. It’s served cold

Step 3– You can decorate it with nuts, or dates, or fruits. 

Step 4– You also can add rosewater, and orange blossom water

Step 5– Serve it cold with ice cubes

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