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Arabic Flatbread Baking Recipe

Arabic Flatbread Baking Recipe

How to Make Arabic Flatbread Recipe at Home

It’s one of the most common types of bread in the Arab world, especially in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

It is a thin bread that does not depend on the process of fermentation of the dough to become spongy, or increase in size during the process of bread as most other types of bread.

It is bread in the form of a very thin dough before baking, and it does not acquire much size during the baking process.

Many people may think that tin bread can not be prepared at home without the griddle – the metal disc on which the dough is placed

– but in fact any large metal circle tray can replace the griddle and give a similar result.


 3cups of flour

 2tablespoons of oil

a Spray of salt

warm water for kneading

Griddle Bread Preparing Instructions

Mix all the ingredients of the bread together until we get a cohesive dough

Cut small pieces as the size of your griddle or tray

Spread it until it became smooth, shape into flat disks.

Then cook them in a griddle, or a tray..


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