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Arabic Ice Cream with Mastic Recipe

Homemade Arabic Ice Cream with Mastic & Pistachios Recipe

How to make Arabic ice cream with mastic


1 Liter full fat milk
250 Grams of cream
1 Tablespoon gelatin powder
Half a teaspoon of crushed mastic
3 Tablespoons of rose water
1 Teaspoon vanilla
3 Cups of powdered sugar
Two tablespoons of salep powder
1 Cup of crushed pistachios

How to make Arabic ice cream with mastic and delicious homemade pistachios


1. Put milk, salep, sugar, vanilla, mastic and gelatin in a saucepan on the fire and stir until they melt well and leave on the fire with constant stirring until it boils, then reduce the heat and cook for 3 minutes

2. Add the cream, rose water and pistachios, stir well with a wire whisk, and leave to cool

3. Pour the mixture into a mold and place it in the freezer, stirring every quarter to half an hour to break the ice crystals formed until the texture becomes smooth without lumps of ice.

4. Leave the mold in the freezer for at least 12 hours, or until we are sure that it is completely frozen.

5 . Cut the ice cream and serve.

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