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Are Legal Real Money Gaming Sites Good Or Not?

Are Legal Real Money Gaming Sites Good Or Not?

Are Legal Online Gaming Sites Good Or Not!

If you spend much time on the internet or in app stores, you may well have noticed that real money gaming sites – or casino sites, as they’re often referred to – seem to be gaining in popularity. There are dozens if not hundreds of popular apps and websites in this category now, each serving millions of players and, typically, spawning widespread online publicity. There is no question that from the humble beginnings of online poker in the late-‘90s, the online casino industry has blossomed into an immensely successful one. The question we’re asking here is whether or not this is a good thing.


More Accessible Entertainment

There’s certainly an argument to be made that the more entertainment becomes available, the better it is for all of us. And as communicated above, casino entertainment has become very accessible across the internet. In addition to online sites, gambling on the go has grown in popularity to the tune of some 164 million people playing these kinds of games via mobile devices as of 2018. Compare this to a time when you had to physically visit a casino (or host your own card game or casino night) to enjoy the same games, and the changes seem positive.


Further Isolation

The flip side of the above point is that online and mobile gaming do have the potential to isolate us further in a world in which technology is arguably setting us apart even as the leading companies claim to be connecting us. It’s true that there are multiplayer options in casino gaming, and poker tournaments in particular are getting more and more interactive. However, some isolation as a result of extremely widespread online gaming is impossible to deny. Many players are perfectly fine with this, but it still strikes us as at least a partial negative.


Suitable For Everyone

There’s a misconception out there that high quality casino games are only available to people who want to play for real money. It’s true that the biggest and best poker tournaments involve paid entry, and that there are whole collections of arcade-style games in real money casinos. However, particularly in the slot genre, there are free-to-play options available online, not to mention just-for-fun apps you can download. This is all to clarify that the 20-year boom in casino gaming is not just for gamblers, but rather something that’s suitable for any interested gamers.


Avoiding The Negatives

In-person casinos are famous for using all kinds of tricks to get people to stay put, keep playing, and keep spending money – not just on games, but on all kinds of perks and entertainment. Some of these strategies are purely psychological, and can easily be repeated by online gaming sites (such as the bells and whistles that excite the senses when you win a game, making you want to try for another win). However, many of the negatives of the in-person casino experience are altogether avoided when you play online. It’s hard to view this as anything but a good thing for anyone interested in this kind of entertainment.

All in all, we would argue that real money gaming sites aren’t necessarily for everyone, but for those they’re aimed at they’ve been a largely positive development. Available gaming platforms, wide selections, and fewer tricks make for a pleasant corner of the video game industry.

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