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Are You Looking For a Designer Watch!

Are you looking for a designer watch


Accessories Are Essentials to Complete The Look

It is well known that accessories are essentials to complete the look, and our look won’t be completed without beautiful accessories. There is always a piece of accessories that you can’t go out without it, it is the hand watch of course! We are going to tell you today how to choose it wisely.

Tastes differs from woman to another, but all of them are seeking for the accuracy and quality, especially when it is about watches that arranges our daily duties. Nowadays, hand watches have a lot of designs and colors, as you will find some made of leather and others are metal that all of them are suitable for all times and ages. If it was made of metal, you’ll find its color gold or silver that are suitable for formal occasions, especially those that are covered with diamond or made of gold. The leather watches are suitable for everyday and it has a lot of colors and textures. It may be stark like red, green or blue or it may be classical as black, brown or honey. Try to choose the color based on the colors of your clothes and accessories.

The strap can be wide or narrow, as the thin one is suitable for formal occasion. You should also pay attention to the size of your wrist because if it is large then don’t go for think straps, so choose the medium or wide one and if your arm is short, then go for the thin one and vice versa.

Watches with plastic straps:

There are some watches with plastic straps. It is more suitable for young adults because it resist many effects and you can wear it when you go shopping or to the club.

The enamel of the watch is so important and many designers care about it, so they design it with beautiful design like drawings, diamonds or gems. These ones are more suitable for formal occasions with a dress that its color is similar to the enamel color.

Choosing the right watch is not hard because all what you have to do is to choose the design that matches your taste and the shape of your wrist.


Black Watches for Bold Attraction:

Black watches have a great attraction for hands, as it is suitable for your female bold personality. You can benefit from the black watches with different looks, whether it was formal or modern, you can wear it with black clothes or colored ones, because black is the most dominant color. You don’t have to use accessories with this type of watches because it is distinct by itself. Regarding the shape, avoid the large designs if your wrist is small and go for medium sizes in case that your hand is wide.


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