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Arts of Powder Room

Arts of Powder Room


Powder room became more important to the word of decoration over the past recent years especially, because it is a very important room for meeting visitors at your house. It is usually used while having a good lunch, or special night, whether for fixing the accessories, or wash hands.

Hence, this room should get much attention as the reception room. It should be also at the same level of elegance. The following tips will make you able to make the powder room full of female look, and reflects your interest.


Arts of Powder Room
Arts of Powder Room


Sink for washing hands: Choose a beautiful design where you can have a space for adding accessories like crystal boxes to carry odors, or you can add rings hanger.

Beautiful mirror: It is important to choose a mirror with a frame that matches the style of the sink in the color, and design. You should also add a wall, lightning to cover the mirror from both sides to reflect the hanged accessories.

Wallpapers: It is recommended to choose wallpapers with huge patterns, so the wall will look like a masterpiece, so the visitors will feel that they are in a magical elegant world.

Bench and special carpet: Chairs give a beautiful, and elegant sense to the powder room in houses, but it should have a spacious area to look good. Carpet should also be chosen wisely to complete the look.

Accessories: Accessories complete the beautiful look of the powder room like liquid soapbox, and hand cream; you can add also small glass bottles to keep cottons. You should add also white towels, and to keep more under the sink’s cabinet. Try to decorate with some candles, and odor wooden sticks with special, and fresh smell like lemon.

Trash and towel containers: You can choose containers made of shells to complete the final look of the powder room. It is essential also to add another container with different design, but in harmony with the room to put in the used towels.

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