How Can You Punish Your Child When He Makes a Mistake?

how will you punish the Child When He Makes a Mistake

Imagine your son drawing with colors on the home’s walls, or opening the refrigerator door every five minutes, or lying to you when you ask him if he brushed his teeth or not and not staying at one place when you visit your relatives and he makes you embarrassed. Every

DIY Blue Key Necklace

DIY Blue Necklace with UV Resin

Materials: Pendant key design A transparent packing tape to avoid the resin leakage UV Resin Two toothpick of wooden Blue Resin Dye Lighter flame gun for crafting UV lamp   Method: Bring a transparent packing tape and cut a piece of a tape the put it on table. Bring the pendant key design and put it on the transparent

Concentrated Orange Juice Recipe

Concentrated Orange Juice with Lemon Recipe

2 Recipes: Concentrated Orange Juice Ingredients Three kilos of oranges Two and a half cups of sugar Five glasses of water   Method Wash the oranges well, then squeeze. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan on the stove until it starts to boil. Add to orange juice to have a thick mixture. Leave the

Fresh & Sweet Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

How to make Iced Tea Recipe with tea bags

It is very easy to prepare lemon iced tea, prepare in your kitchen a refreshing drink that is suitable for all occasions, especially in the summer. And you can control its cold according to the amount of ice added to it.. Serve it to your guests.. A recipe worth trying.     Ingredients: Two

DIY Flowers Table Lamp in Ten Minutes

Table Lamp in 10 Minutes with Flowers and Transparent Foldable Plastic

Materials Two sheets of transparent foldable plastic Old lampshade Dry flowers or Artificial Flowers One glass jar with a lid A candle Glue gun, or Spray Adhesive Cutter Ruler   Method Bring your empty jar and add some flowers in a jar, then cover them with lid Bring two transparent foldable plastic sheets and recover an old lampshade  With the transparent foldable plastic

I Want You ” 13 “

Episode 13 of I Want You - Horror & Ghost Story

The eighth day Rose came out of the hospital, covering her head with a hoodie. She was trying to hide her face as much as possible. When she went back home with her mother and siblings, as Rose’s mother was opening the metal gate of the building, she found Williams and

Bran Grilled Fish Recipe

how to grill Wheat Bran fish on stove?

How to make grilled fish on stove top like the restaurants in Egypt country? Today we will give you simple and clear steps, as sometimes it is not available in some countries, and since it is one of the simple and easy recipes, we have prepared a way for you to

Organic Olive Oil – Why Should You Use It? What Are The Benefits?

Organic Olive Oil

When it comes to cooking, the most important ingredient is Oil, and there are not many dishes that do not use Oil at all. Excess use of Oil can also cause health issues. However, dietary fat's health consequences are debatable. Experts, on the other hand, believe that organic olive Oil

Peas With Carrots And Sauce Recipe

Peas with Tomato Sauce And Meat Recipe

Fresh peas with carrots and sauce is good for children and adults, today we will present a simple way to make peas with meat and sauce. This dish is famous in Arab countries.   Ingredients Half a kilo of peas. One large onion chopped. Two cups of tomato juice. Two tablespoons of tomato sauce. Half a kilo

Charcoal Grilled Kibbeh Recipe

Charcoal Grilled Kubba Recipe

Grilled Kibbeh Recipe Grilled Kibbeh Ingredients: One Kilo fine bulgur 600g of finely ground beef One tablespoon black pepper One tablespoon salt One large onion   Grilled Kibbeh Stuffing 700g of lamb fat, or beef fat 500g fried meat with onion Two medium fried onions ¼ cup coarsely chopped Walnuts Medium size pomegranate Tablespoon salt Black pepper teaspoon Dried coriander teaspoon One and a half tablespoons of