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Beautiful Ways and Ideas to Decorate Your House at Christmas

Top Christmas Decorating Ideas

Holydays are the main source of family memories and Christmas is the most special holyday of the year. We all value this gathering a lot, So every host try hard to make a good memory from this occasion and everybody try to make a quality time with family and friends. So I wanted to give you a quick valuable guide to decorate for Christmas and to make everything looks, smells, taste and feel perfect for Christmas.

Enriching the sight

  1. First step is decorating your interior with the Christmas tree and hung the wreath to add the holiday cheer.
  2. Decorate the mantel by hanging the white string lights set.
  3. Make sure you are using the same kind of lighting on the Christmas tree across the room on the fireplace, door frames and windows.
  4. Cover the electrical wiring by ivy and berry branches along the light cord and secure the end with velvet ribbon.
  5. Place cream and off-white candles on the mantel and make branches weave around them.
  6. You can enrich the sight of other rooms with holiday pillows, red cheats, scented candles,
  7. And most important holiday family photos on shelves and on the wall.

The Taste of Christmas

We all wait from year to year to taste the good taste of Christmas food. And every family has their own inherited secret recipes, but I can share with you some of my family’s favorite dishes. In my family we start with fine cheese and Paté as an appetizer, and we follow it by beef tenderloin as the main dish with sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. And I will not tell you about the secret recipe of our favorite apple pie.

Stimulate Touch Sense

Adding a cozy environment can add a lot to the atmosphere and make it a special holyday and it will encourage your friends and family to relax. I suggest you put Christmas-themed pillows with any color in living rooms and if you get the pillows with soft fabrics that even better and encourage sweet snuggling sessions after dinner, I put the pillows as a background on chairs and sofa.

Indulge olfaction sense

  • When you treat somebody sense of smell nicely they feel comfort and the nice smell remain in their memory after that merry Christmas, so you can use seasonal scents like pine, spruce, cranberry and cinnamon
  • You can put cinnamon-scented pinecones in a bowl on small table, or on the mantel.

Ear treat

I recommend using seasonal tracks that goes along with Christmas mood which we have grown up hearing in Christmas. For instance you can choose any pop holiday songs weather it is new or old and you can find new tracks recorded every year. My family loves the soundtrack of Nutcracker ballet because it always conjures up our childhood memories in holyday.

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