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Belts: Creating a Perfect Outfit for Women

Belts: Creating a Perfect Outfit for Women

Best Leather Belt For Women

Accessories can make or break an outfit. There are always so many to choose from whether you are a man or woman, it may be hard to tell when to wear what. Belts are an accessory that can be worn with any outfit, from dresses, to jeans, but it is still important to know when to wear certain styles of belts, and which one fits your body and style best.

Good Belts For Women

There are basic types of belts that come in a few variations. The wide black belt is great for full figured women. It helps keep your body where you want it and also helps for a more distinct waist line. Because of this, it is also a good go-to belt for those with a boyish type body figure that may not have well defined curves. If you have a short waist, it is best to stay away from belts wider than two inches. If your belt is too wide and you have a short waist it will accentuate that. Also, for short waisted ladies, it is best to not contrast your belt with your blouse. Stay away from white tops with black belts, for example.

Stylish Belts

 Another type of belt that is a must have is the neutral skinny belt. This kind of belt is a casual belt, and goes great with any shorts or jeans. Pair this kind of belt with a solid blouse, but do not feel like you need to match your other accessories. Gold, silver, or other colored jewelry will look great with this belt. A good belt for a dressier occasion or a night out on the town, a chain or metallic belt is a great option. It is good to have a gold and silver belt with this option to change it up.

The last belt that you can wear in causal or semi-formal occasions, is the woven leather belt. This type of belt also comes in various styles, but can be worn with jeans, shorts, or even dresses on the waist line.

Good Quality Belts

 Like with most things, when it comes to men, belt courtesy is a bit more simple. When dressing up, the most important rule to remember is to match your shoes with your belt. This means the color and fabric, as best you can. A dress belt should be thinner, no thicker than your thumb, and should be some shade of black or brown. Belt buckles should be simple for formal occasions, and should always match any other metals you are wearing such as your watch, or maybe a ring. For casual situations, it is not as important to match with your shoes, but stick to fabric belts instead of the same material your dress belts are. Leather woven belts are also great for men for casual occasions.

No matter where you are going, or what you are doing, a belt can tie your whole outfit together, similarly to the cherry on top of that perfect sundae. Use these tips and tricks to find the best, most comfortable belts, and most importantly have fun with it, and love the way you look.

Mens Woven Leather Belt

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