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Belts, Headbands From Old T-Shirts

Belts, Headbands From Old T-shirts


Belts, Headbands and More from Old T-Shirts!

Have you ever wondered what you can do to remove clutter from your closet? Do you have a lot of t-shirts that you are not using anymore? Did you know that these t-shirts can be made into belts, headbands, and so much more? Follow these simple steps, and not only will you free more space in your closet, but will also gain new accessories!

Inexpensive Belts For Women


Old t-shirts


Strong tape

Needle & Thread

2 D rings


– The first step is to cut the t-shirt into horizontal strands. The belt will be having four strands that are at least 2 inches in width, while the headband will need five strands that are an inch in width. The areas to be cut should be those without prints, or those that are far from the sleeves or collar area. Once cut, each strand will be round, so make sure to cut the strand to make it one long piece. To check if the strands are of the correct length, wrap the belt strands around the waist area, and if this can go around twice, then it’s a good fit. This also goes for the headband; wrap the strand twice around the head to check.


How to make the braided belts, or braided headband!

– The next step is to start the braiding. Using the sticky side of the strong tape, stick and align the strands in a line so that the strands of cloth will be side by side. Stick the tape on a flat surface so that the strands won’t get lose. The braiding procedure will be different for the headband, and the belt.

– For the belt with four strands, take the first strand, and place it over the second strand, then take the third strand, and place over the fourth. Then take the rightmost piece, and place it over the left, then take the leftmost piece, and place it over the left, and then under. Continue this pattern until the strands have been fully braided. For the headband with five strands, start by separating the strands into the first three, and the latter two. The first three strands should be braided just like the normal braid. And the then the leftmost, or first strand will be in the middle. This strand should be brought now to the right side. You will have two strands on the left, and three on the right. Repeat the same procedure until you have finished braiding the whole strand.

– To secure the strands, you can use the needle, and thread to sew the edges together. For the belt, take one sewn edge, and then loop it in through the D ring. Secure the D rings by sewing the edge. For the headband, both the edges should be sewn together to create a circle.

– Now you have a belt, and a headband from old t-shirts that are just harboring spider webs inside the closet! That’s two new accessories and more closet space for you.

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