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Best Makeup Colors for Green Eyes

Makeup Colors Rules for Green Eyes with Tips and Tricks

Green eyes are mystical and to shine in its full beauty, Do not stand on them every nuance. There are those eyes with who you can not go wrong never.

Brown, green, blue, gray … They are all beautiful eye color to know dazzle you, each of which requires a certain makeup and color shades that will further highlight their beauty. In order to know your makeup is necessary to know their face, to know what color his best suit, and makeup that will highlight the benefits and hide flaws.

Green eyes are really special and rare, and all the ladies who have them are aware that they cannot put any color shades with their eyes will be even more exciting.  Brown eyes are known that allow nearly every nuance, while the green color a different story.

Green eye color is beautiful and it would be best to use a color that contrasts with the color of your eyes. Although red is the opposite color of red, cannot be good if they just put it. Your eyes will probably look tired and as if you just wept.

Instead of red, it would be best if her eyes stood out various shades of purple. In addition to purple will not go wrong if you use indigo blue color, or any of the brown color. This refers to the shades of gold.

Pearly shades can use all the young ladies in whose face have not yet appeared struggling, but if you do not want to hide then feel free to reach for the above shades Although many makeup artists claim to be made not correcting color in opposite of your eye color, you will not go wrong if you put eye shadow green.

Good to know if you decide to green you must ensure that the chosen shade as possible to your natural eye color.

The eyes are highlighted, and now you have to emphasize your lips. If you have thin lips do not put red lipstick. Instead, reach for lip gloss that will raise your lips and highlight them properly.

Ignore Silver Color for Your Makeup

Ideal metallic color makeup for green eyes are gold, copper and bronze, as well as earthy brown and dark green with a hint of gold. All this looks absolutely fantastic on green eyes.

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