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Best Makeup Rules for The Woman with Blue Eyes

Tips For Natural Makeup Looks for a Woman With Blue Eyes

Every woman is beautiful in its own way, but this beauty is good sometimes to emphasize with makeup.

There are so many type of make up that are good for ladies with blue eyes, but we have chosen for you the most beautiful combinations. For dark blue eyes, bright, colorful, we have colors that fit with any shade. We recommend gray, black, light and dark brown, lavender, blue, pink and yellow color. You can combine color by using eye shadow and eyeliner. See our tips on how to skillfully and simply highlight the eyes.

Women with blue eyes have luck when it comes with makeup that suits to them. It is very easy to point out the rows are the colors that they do not stand. Still need to know that they are safe variants that are every woman with blue eyes.


Apply Natural Eyes Color for Makeup:

Makeup you use should highlight your blue eyes, not to divert attention from them. Whether makeup for day or evening, with the help of these simple tips will emphasize the natural color of your eyes.


For Daily Variation:

 You can use a neutral, pink, terracotta or brown eye shadow. Purple will particularly emphasize the color of your eyes. Use lighter shades during the day and dark plum tones for evening look. If you have blue eyes, do not be afraid to experiment with metallic shadows, which can be silver, gold, pink …


Evening make-up emphasizes blue eyes:

Especially if you choose smokey eyes for your evening make-up done dark gray or purple shadow. In combination with black eyeliner and mascara is a big hit. And if you want a less intense look, use dark blue and not black mascara.



Your lips should be gentle, if you have already pointed out your beautiful blue eyes. Opt for matte pink or pale pink lipstick. Or just apply lip gloss.

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