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Bran Grilled Fish Recipe

how to grill Wheat Bran fish on stove?

How to make grilled fish on stove top like the restaurants in Egypt country?

Today we will give you simple and clear steps, as sometimes it is not available in some countries, and since it is one of the simple and easy recipes, we have prepared a way for you to prepare the fish, and it is preferable to grill the fish on the stove top, because grilling fish in the oven often makes you get dry fish and lose its delicious taste, It is easier and safer to cook it on the stove.

To get soft and tasty fish, the fish should not be peeled, as the fish skin protects it from the grilling heat but this step is due to your desire.


Grilled fish ingredients

Six mullet fish (grey mullets), washed with its skin

Twelve cloves of Peeled garlic

A tablespoon of salt

A tablespoon of ground cumin

A tablespoon of ground coriander

A teaspoon of ground chili

Quarter cup of vinegar

Quarter cup of lemon juice

Three tablespoons of olive oil

Hot pepper

Chopped green coriander

Quarter cup of chopped tomatoes

Quarter cup of chopped onion

Quarter cup of chopped bell pepper

Two Cups of Bran, and if it is not available, you can replace it with oats “as I did


How to Make Grilled Fish with Wheat Bran?

Dressing preparation

Bring the blender, then add garlic, pepper, coriander, chili, salt and cumin and chop everything well

Put the marinade in a dish and add the rest of the chopped vegetables, vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil, mix the seasoning and set it aside

Bring the fish and start to stuff with marinade and vegetables.

Coat the fish with a little of olive oil on both sides to help the bran stick to the fish , then cover the fish with a generous layer of bran on both sides and make sure that the bran is well coated to the fish

Heat a grill pan on stove until it becomes very hot. Put the fish on the grill and wait for several minutes until the bottom becomes grilled, then turn the fish on the other side and wait for it to blacken as well, and try to move the fish carefully until it is grilled from everywhere and the fish is completely cooked

Carefully place the fish on a tray with foil, and spread the rest of marinade mixture on both sides while it is very hot as soon as it is removed from the grill, and immediately cover with foil

Leave it for at least 10 minutes so that the seasoning is well absorbed. Served hot with white rice and green salad.


What Type of Fish Is Most Suitable for Bran Grilled Fish Recipe?

You can use any Type you like such as; Gilt-head bream, Bluefish, Mullet, Tuna, Tilapia, Salmon, Argyrosomus regius…etc. Must be not too big size. 

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