How to Make For Your Doll Kitchen Sink and Cabinets

DIY Doll Kitchen Sink And Cabinets - Easy Crafts for Kids

Do not spend money on additional toys for your children. Spend a few hours with your kids and do together what they need.  If your doll do not have cabinet and sink for your kitchen, we will show you trick on how to make your own with your children. For Kitchen

Make a Unique Bag for Yourself (DIY T-shirt Bag)

2 Ways to Make T-Shirt Bag

  If your stile is unique, you would like something new for this spring days.  We can offer you the best girl unique accessories.. Bag! Bag is everything that one girl must have.   Materials for doing this craft: You can use one old t - shirt who do not like anymore, or it is small

Method for Drawing on a Fabric

Method for Drawing on a Fabric

  The drawing designs on fabric and clothes so easy these days with using the suitable tools, and right technique for drawing designs on fabric. Here is the second way you can use it for drawing on your Fabric.   The materials you need for drawing: Fabric markers or fabric crayons “Fabric Paints” after you

How to Paint Pottery!

Painting Pottery

DIY Painting Pottery: There are different ideas to learn painting pottery techniques, we will provide you a new idea by using hot glue, oil colors or ceramic colors, painting brushes of different sizes, art palette to mix the colors when you need, and the stencils.   The Materials we need: A piece of

How to Create a Pencil Holder or Organizer

How To Create A Pencil Holder Or Organizer

  Materials you need: 5 of toilet paper roll 7 of Paper Colorful Cartoon Foil Hot glue Glue A piece of cardboard Pencil A scissors   Method: Put the glue on a toilet paper roll. Bring your color of paper “any color paper you like “ , the size for your color paper should be 19x 19 cm, Leave from each side 4

How to Make a Butterfly

How to Make a Butterfly

  The materials you need: One small plastic bottle Glue Hot glue Wool “ any color you prefer” Different colors of markers color papers Scissors Water colors or oil colors pencil   The Method: Bring one color paper you prefer, and start to draw by a pencil the wings for a butterfly. Use the Scissors to cut what you draw. Bring a small plastic bottle,

Different Ways to Create a Nice Vase from Bottle

Different Ways To Create A Nice Vase From Bottle

  Today we're going to give you 3 ideas to make a nice vase of glass bottle. There are different materials (CD, Beads, Glitter, glass colour) you can use when you recycle glass bottle. First Idea:All you need for this technique: pack of cds, scissors for cutting CDs, a strong glue, or

How to Draw on a T-Shirt

How to Draw on a T-Shirt

  ‏Renew your favorite cotton T-shirt becomes so easy these days when you using some techniques like drawing on T-shirt, or applying a T-Shirt Sticker on it. Today we're going to talk about one of these ways which is talking about how to draw on a t-shirt.   The materials you need: You can

Melt Those Crayons into Colorful, Scented Candles!

Melt Those Crayons into Colorful, Scented Candles!

  Don’t know what to do with those crayons that have not been touched since the only child at home left Kindergarten? Now you can make your own colorful layered candles using these simple and easy steps.   Materials: Small paper cups (Dixie cups) Clear wax Double sided adhesive Candle wick Glass candle holder Toothpicks Scented wax (if you want) Crayons