Metal Decoupage

DIY Metal Decoupage - Craft

Learn the decoupage on metal   The required tools: Metal box  Varnish spray  White acrylic color (for foundation)  Acrylic color according to desire Blue decoupage glue Sponge brush Scissors  Cotton cloth   Steps: First step: We start with the preparation of the work, in this step the box is painted white as a first layer

Decoupage for Beginners

DIY Decoupage on Wood Surface

What is the art of decoupage? The art of decoupage very simply includes cutting pictures and paper and pasting them on different surfaces, then painting the pictures with a layer of glue or varnish, I think that's what everyone knows about the art of decoupage, which we have been hearing a

DIY Wax Colors

Homemade Wax Colors for Your Children

How to Make Wax Colors at Home   Tools: Big white candle 3 Sheets of cardboard a Pair of scissors Adhesive tape Pencil Food colors   Method: The pen is wrapped inside the cardboard to get the required wax pen size. Use adhesive tape to stick the cardboard well to get a cylindrical shape. Take out the pen from inside

DIY Sketch Glass Painting

How to Draw & Paint The Image on Glass

Tools: Glass colors "water based" Black glass color outliner Sketch Glass Acetone for erasing the mistakes (nail polish remover)   Steps: 1- Choose the right sketch from free sketches and download it then print. 2- Start to clean the surface of the glass before drawing by using the alcohol. 3- Put the sketch under the glass and tape it

DIY Hourglass by Christmas balls Ornaments

DIY Hourglass by Transparent Glass of Christmas Balls

How to Make Hourglass by Christmas balls Ornaments   Tools: With lids 4 transparent glass of Christmas balls Ornaments Unfinished wood frame craft and too wide Colored Sand any color you prefer A piece of transparent plastic which can cut by using scissors Super transparent glue Small plastic funnel Scissors Wooden painting

DIY Blue Key Necklace

DIY Blue Necklace with UV Resin

Materials: Pendant key design A transparent packing tape to avoid the resin leakage UV Resin Two toothpick of wooden Blue Resin Dye Lighter flame gun for crafting UV lamp   Method: Bring a transparent packing tape and cut a piece of a tape the put it on table. Bring the pendant key design and put it on the transparent

DIY Flowers Table Lamp in Ten Minutes

Table Lamp in 10 Minutes with Flowers and Transparent Foldable Plastic

Materials Two sheets of transparent foldable plastic Old lampshade Dry flowers or Artificial Flowers One glass jar with a lid A candle Glue gun, or Spray Adhesive Cutter Ruler   Method Bring your empty jar and add some flowers in a jar, then cover them with lid Bring two transparent foldable plastic sheets and recover an old lampshade  With the transparent foldable plastic

DIY Plastic Pot

DIY A Plastic Bowl By Plastic Bags

Making a plastic bowl, or plastic pot  A plastic bowl can be made from plastic bags easily, and conveniently by following these steps.   Materials: A set of plastic bags  Cup of vegetable oil  Old saucepan Wooden spoon Fork Wooden A bowl or pot made of glass or ceramic   Method Preparing the plastic bags by shredding them to facilitate

Homemade Washing Powder

Making Powder Laundry Soap at Home

Ingredients: Two cups of oil. Two cans of dishwashing liquid. Three cups of flour. Eight glasses of water. Half a kilogram of potash. Directions: Mix water with potash. Add the oil, dishwashing liquid, then mix the ingredients well. Add the flour, then put the ingredients in a wooden box containing a plastic bag, then leave it for two days