Fried Fish Fingers Recipe

Homemade Fish Fingers Recipe No one can deny how delicious are the fried fish fingers! Its recipe is easy to follow as well… This dish is served with spicy mayonnaise, rice and some vegetables. Fish Fingers Recipe Ingredients: Sunflower oil: 2 tablespoons (for frying)Salt: sprinkleBlack pepper: sprinkleFlour: 3 tablespoonsEgg: One eggRice krispies: 45 gramsSesame:

The Easiest Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

The Easiest Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe A cupcake is made to serve one person and which may be baked in a thin small paper cup. Learn how to Prepare a wonderful yummy cupcakes! It takes only few time but the taste will be forever! DIY Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe The Ingredients -One and half of cups of granulated sugar. -One

Sweet Vermicelli with Cinnamon Powder at Home

Indian Meethi Seviyan Recipe

How to Make Sweet Vermicelli at Home Today we will make to gather Sweet vermicelli. It is a very popular dessert in India and Arab countries. Sweet vermicelli is very healthy and that’s why it is kid friendly dessert. Sweet vermicelli also is very suitable for anyone with sweet tooth. And

Indian Laddu Recipe

Homemade Indian Laddu Recipe

Today we will learn another popular sweet, Laddu or laddoo is a widely known sphere-shaped dessert which was originated in the south India. Laddus are made of flour, minced dough, kashew and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe. Laddu is usually served during festivals and special occasions like

Indian Bharwa Baingan Dish

Indian Bharwa Baingan Dish

Eggplants Stuffed with Masala Recipe This Indian food is easy to cook, quick, and very tasty- what else do we need ! Bharwa Baingan dish is popular in India, it is spicy and dry brinjal recipe and have mustard oil. You can serves this dish with gravies, parathas and curd for dinner