Kofta with Tahini and Potatoes Recipe

Jordanian Fingers Kofta with Tahini Recipe

How to Make Kofta with Tahini and Potatoes   Kofta with tahini is one of the most famous and delicious dishes in the Levant countries (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan), and it is considered one of the main recipes that are easy to prepare.   Ingredients Kofta: half a kilo (minced meat with parsley and

Orzo with Mushroom Soup Recipe

Risoni with Mushroom Soup Recipe

Ingredients One medium onion chopped cup sliced ​​mushroom can (250 g) Two tablespoon of butter Half teaspoon salt and black pepper, to taste Orzo (250 g) Liter of chicken broth Half of cumin Method Put a bowl over the medium heat, we will heat one tablespoon of butter and we will add the chopped onion, then the mushrooms, we

Homemade Instant Coffee Powder Recipe

DIY Soluble Coffee Recipe at Home

Instant Coffee Ingredients Half cup of grounded coffee Two cups of water   Method: In a non-stick pot or pan, we pour the water into the pot with half cup of grounded coffee and leave it to boil well over a medium heat. After boiling, we turn the fire to a quiet degree and continue to

Homemade Whipped Cream From One Milk Cup

DIY Whipped Cream From One Cup of Milk Without Using Whipping Cream Powder

How to Make Whipped Cream From One Milk Cup   Ingredients One full-fat milk cup Two teaspoons unflavored gelatin powder Quarter cup of hot water Quarter cup of icing sugar   Tool: whipping machine   Method: Bring a plastic bowl and add one full-fat milk cup into it. Then put it in a freezer for 2 hours because we need the

Homemade Powdered Milk Recipe

Homemade Dried Milk

Milk powder, or dried milk is one of the things that has become a necessity in our lives, so that dried milk is used in several kitchen recipes, so that it gives a wonderful and delicious taste to the recipe.   Ingredients A liter of whole milk   Method For a large amount of powdered milk,

Heavy Cream Recipe With 2 Cups of Milk

Heavy Cream Recipe at Home

Ingredients Two cups of full-fat milk Two tbsp. of starch Two tsp of white vinegar Homemade Heavy Cream Recipe From 2 Cups Whole Milk Method Put one cup of milk into the saucepan over the medium heat, before boiling add two tsp of white vinegar. The milk will starts making lumps, start to collect all these white

4 Recipes to Make Fig with Toast and Cheese

4 Breakfast Recipes: Fig with Toast and Cheese

First Recipe: Fig Honey and Ricotta Toast   Ingredients Two slices crusty whole-grain bread (the slice must be 1/2-inch thick) Two tbsp. part-skim ricotta cheese Two fresh fig or 2 dried, sliced Two tsps. sliced almonds, toasted One tsps. honey   Method Bring toast bread and top with ricotta cheese, then figs and toasted almonds. Drizzle with honey.   Second Recipe: Fig

Arab Khoshaf Recipe

Khoshaf Recipe in Ramadan Month (Dried Fruit Salad Recipe

Khoshaf is one of the famous recipe in Rmadan. Today we are going to show you how to make Khoshaf in simple steps that you can easily prepare this recipe at your home, and you get amazing taste by using different dried fruit (Khoshaf recipe).   Ingredients: Half a cup of dried dates Half

White Beans Recipe

2 Ways to Make White Beans Recipes

How to Make White Beans Recipe The Ingredients 1/2 kilogram white beans 1 large tomato, finely chopped 1 hot pepper, chopped 1 small onion, chopped Salt and black pepper Healthy White Beans Recipe Steps The beans are soaked for about 4 hours in warm water. Drain and wash well, add boiling water to it, then leave it to boil

Beetroot Soup with Carrots and Wheat

Beetroot Soup Recipe

Beetroot Soup 250 g diced beets 2 large carrots, peeled and diced 1 cup milk 2 cups beef broth, Medium onion, finely chopped 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons wheat salt and black pepper 4 boiled eggs How to prepare beetroot soup - Turkish way Over a medium heat, melt the butter, then add the onions, and stir for 5 minutes