Unique Fashion with Clout CTRL

Unique Fashion with Clout CTRL

Mugzy McFly Being Interviewed Q. Tell us about the Savior Tour and why you decided to start up this project? A. The Savior Tour hits Miami this month for one day only. It's a really unique pop-up experience featuring independent black fashion designers and designed to help elevate small businesses. The pop-up market offers

5 Ways to Wear The Black Dress Styles For Different Occasions

How to Redesign a Black Dress for Different Events The black dress without sleeves and tight is simply one of the most important things should be in our closets, because of its beauty and it's always fashionable, and you can always count on a black dress whenever you're concerned, and you

10 Tips for Mаkеuр and Bеаutу

Mаkеuр and Bеаutу Tips and Secrets

Best Mаkеuр and Beauty Tips We hаvе decided to share some of our fаvоuritе mаkеuр аnd bеаutу tips. We hоре you find thеm uѕеful. Mаkеuр Tips Adорt gооd hуgiеnе hаbitѕ: It is imроrtаnt tо kеер уоur mаkеuр bаg, brushes аnd sponges clean in оrdеr to аvоid spreading bасtеriа аnd саuѕing blemishes. Yоu ѕhоuld

Best Makeup for Women with Brown Eyes

Natural Makeup Looks For Women With Brown Eyes

The time has come to mention beautiful brown eyes that exist in several different shades, from the lighter type of color to the honey color and dark color for which you have the impression look so your eyes hid all the mysteries of the world. Any eye color dictates certain rules,

Best Makeup Colors for Green Eyes

Makeup Colors Rules for Green Eyes with Tips and Tricks

Green eyes are mystical and to shine in its full beauty, Do not stand on them every nuance. There are those eyes with who you can not go wrong never. Brown, green, blue, gray ... They are all beautiful eye color to know dazzle you, each of which requires a certain