Tourism in Emirates

The Most Important Tourist Area in Emirates: Emirates in the last few years was so interested in tourism sector, by developing advanced infrastructure and attendant to do the foreign tourists requirements, besides upgrading the services level in the hotel sector and convenient transportation, as well as making activities and festivals that has an obvious role

What Do you Need to Visit in Istanbul!

Hagia (Aja) Sophia

Istanbul is the successor of the ancient capital of the Byzantine Empire, which with over 1123 years of existence the longest existent empire of humanity. Throughout history Istanbul was celebrated, burned and conquered. Cultural center, shops, a crossroads of civilizations, and religions have always, and the center of the world

Why Do You Need to Visit Nice – France!

Why Do You Need to Visit Nice – France!

Visit Beautiful Nice Nice is a world famous tourist destination, here you can see a lot of variety sights, cultural features, or simply enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean environment. Nice is considered the capital region, which includes the Côte d'Azur, is better known as Riviera. Nice is placed between Kan and Monaco.

A Brief Guide to Golden Prague City

A Brief Guide to Golden Prague

Prague is the largest capital city of the Czech Republic, with about 1.2 million inhabitants. Because of its wealth and gold ornaments on top of some buildings is also known as Golden Prague. Prague is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful cities of Central Europe, which is now

Visit Monte Carlo – Travel Guide

Visit Monte Carlo City - Travel Guide

City on a rocky shore of the Mediterranean, which is free from tax and have offers more for casinos, and exclusive boutiques. In truth, it is necessary to allocate more money if you want to enjoy some of the spectacular fashionable hotel, but the beauty of nature, historic buildings, cultural

Visit The Magic Venice

Visit The Magic Venice

Venice is one of the unique city in this world, built on 118 small islands in the lagoon at the mouth of the river Brenta in the Venice lagoon, with canals instead of streets. Along the canal is the series of churches and palaces, first-class values ​​, which form a

Visit Peaceful Vatican City in Rome

Visit Peaceful Vatican City in Rome

Vatican City, or Vatican City real name is almost the smallest country in the world. This city - state was created in 1929 as a successor to the once powerful and great Papal States. Vatican City is home to 800 inhabitants, of which only half has officially Vatican citizenship. Vatican

The Best Holiday in Monaco City – Travel Guide

The Best Holiday in Monaco City - Travel Guide

Monaco is last principality in Europe, squeezed between the Maritime Alps and the sea, with France in the background, the size of New York's Central Park. City block -La Vie dominated palace royal family Grimaldi. There are still neighborhoods Kondamon which hosts the famous Formula One race, Monogamy, Larvotto, and

Lloret de Mar – a Place for Tourists

Lloret de Mar - a Place for Tourists

A popular tourist destination Lloret de Mar is located on the Mediterranean coast, and each year attracts more and more tourists. This small Catalan town belongs to the Spanish province of Girona, and away from Barcelona only 70 km. As for its beauty and everything that provides tourists, Lloret de