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Concentrated Pineapple Juice Recipe

Easy Concentrated Pineapple Juice Recipe at Home

Homemade Concentrated Pineapple Juice Recipe


1 kg pineapple, peel and chopped
3 and a half cups of sugar
lemon juice
Drops of yellow food coloring (optional)


1- Put the pineapple in a blender and mix well, strain the pineapple juice.
2- Put the sugar in a saucepan on a medium heat, then add the mixed pineapple juice on it, stir, remove the foam, and repeat the process for 10 minutes or untill to become thik.
3- Then add the yellow food color and lemon juice and stir for a few minutes.
4- Leave the pineapple juice to cool, then put in an airtight bottle and put in the refrigerator.

How to prepare the concentrated pineapple juice for serving:

3 Tablespoons of juice per glass of water with ice cubes.

The shelf life of this juice is from (3-5) months and can be kept in the freezer.

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