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Home Crafts Create a Lampshade From an Empty Glassy Jar

Create a Lampshade From an Empty Glassy Jar

DIY Jar decoration With Beads

DIY Lampshade

Learn a new technique this weekend, and transfer a transparent jar into a lighting masterpiece to give a perfect touch in your house, and to decorate the table of your living room. You can use it also in your bedroom.


Empty glass jar

Glass beads

Candle gun (to glue)

Small lamp that works with a battery and you can replace it with a candle



  1. Put the jar, upside down, over the table, start attaching the glass beads using the candle gun, and try not to leave any spaces in-between.
  2. Attach them in one line to arrange them over the bottom of the jar in the right way.
  3. Repeat the previous methods until you cover the jar with the beads completely.
  4. Fix the small lamp inside the jar’s cover using the tape.
  5. Put your small masterpiece into any special corner over the tea table, or over the dining table.

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