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Decorating a Pint-Sized Apartment

Decorating a pint-sized apartment

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Decorating a small apartment can be very tricky but it is fun and a challenge. Living in a pint-sized apartment does not mean that you have to live with pint-sized décor and feelings. Since your budget is limited, you have a small apartment, therefore, it is very important that you go for the very basic and necessary furniture and related things. Make a list of your needs and requirements. The must buys. Measurement, dimensions and shape of rooms will dictate your choice of color scheming, purchase of furniture, line of decoration and placing of furniture. Primarily, there are three big items to buy bed, sofa/couch and dining table. Remember small apartment means multi-functional furniture .Choose the right bed. The electronic remote controlled, retractable Murphy bed is a good choice. You can use the front for a flat screen T.V. and no one has an idea that a bed is hidden. Or you can buy a bed with drawers underneath. Place the bed in front of the window and against the wall.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Light color scheming in the back- drop makes the rooms look bigger and roomier. Mirrors on the walls provide depth. Buy a glass top dining table dining table, it is lighter, elegant and makes the room look larger. Furniture setting should define the division of different areas that are, living room, bedroom and dining room. Try to have sliding doors, they give more room. Curtain can be used to separate the kitchen. Track lighting is a great idea. Lights hanging from the ceiling give the feeling of a higher look and more space on the floor and walls for other things. Wall –shelving is the best way to economize on space. Mounted rods are a fine way of hanging clothes. Utilize corners by placing baskets. Theses baskets can be used for keeping   books, sports items and a lot many other things. Wicker baskets look good and also keep the room neat, clean and organized. Do not clutter your rooms. Always keep your rooms clutter free. This provides you more open space to move around freely without bumping into things.

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