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Decorating Your Basement!

Decorating Your Basement!

Please do not hide your basement. Dreary basements are things of the bygone eras. Expand the home square footage by using the basement for multi-purpose. Life in cold cities and places makes basement a compulsory part of the house. Decorating a basement can be easily done to meet your style and usage.


Stairs leading to the basement should complement the style of home and built to create excitement to get to the basement. The space under steps can be utilized by making beautiful shelves or well designed cupboards to store things and also to be used for placing decorative items and accessories and books.


Total look of the basement heavily depends on the lighting system that is installed. Dropped ceiling adds a touch of flair to the overall atmosphere of the basement. Create a well-lit basement by using track lighting, recessed lighting or other light fixtures. Different colored lights with beautiful designs are easily available in the market; choose and select according to your taste.

Furniture and walls

An extra bedroom, living room, relaxation room or guest room can be ready with placing the necessary and right furniture in the basement.  Make the walls look impressive with family picture frames hanging from them. All pictures which bring a positive mood to your basement should be used.


For flooring, you need to make sure your floor doesn’t get damp and it must be kept dry.  Avoid using hardwood as flooring, rather using carpets and tiles for flooring are better ideas and they will look better too if you choose the best designs.

Innovative Ideas!

Part of the basement can be easily converted into a wet bar and a wine cellar. Supplement it with a home theater and you will have an entertainment room for you and your family. An area can be converted and designated for children as their playing and hangout room.

The wall shall look beautiful with a giant-size scrabble on it. A game room with a pool table and a dart game board on the wall adds flair to the play area. Adjacent to this play area, a gym can be set up for daily workout. 

If you still have the space, adding a home golf simulator would make your basement the ultimate entertainment area of your house. A golf setup that effectively mimics the feels of a golf course elevates your basement’s fun quality. It can also serve as your practice area to improve your swing and aim when you hit the actual fields.

With these many usages and settings, a complete basement is created. It is interesting to note that we need not to spend heavily and stretch our budget to furnish the basement. As a matter of fact, these are the routine items. We simply place and arrange the furniture in the basement in such a fashion that each area gives an independent look yet each arrangement complements the other.  


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