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Decorative Painting Ideas

Decorative Painting Ideas


If you live in a new home where all the walls are painted white or any color which you don’t like, and you don’t want to pay too much money.
Maybe by now these walls are getting dirty, or you’re just tired of the Boredom feeling throughout your home, and you would like to add some color in your house.

Decorative Painting-drawing
Decorative Painting-drawing

Or maybe you have empty walls, and you don not have too much furniture because you like the space to stuffiness, but you would prefer to add some color on certain walls.

Whatever the case might be, I hope the samples which I added can give you some ideas to make some simple changes to your house and in your life , the kind that give you a good feeling – in your personal favorite shades.

drawing on the wall
drawing on the wall


Different Ideas to Paint The Walls
Different Ideas to Paint The Walls
Decorative Painting Ideas
Decorative Painting Ideas


Way to Paint The Walls

Before starting any kind of painting you have to be sure your wall is clean. I prefer washing the wall, and then dry the wall after washing.

You should start your wall-painting by edging

Paint a 2-inch strip with a brush, starting at the ceiling. Repeat the same in the corners, the bottom of the wall, around any kind of edging, doors and windows, around cabinets, outlets, switchboards, vents…etc.

Use masking tape to protect everything you don’t want it get painting then cover the floor, and furniture.


About Painting: 

There are many painting techniques available and good.

– The dragging: it means drawing a dragging brush, and it has long haired, and give you smooth surface

– Distressing is creating an aged look, using several layers of paint, sand paper, and clear lacquer.

– Marbling is imitating real marble colors and veining.

– Sponging is giving you mottled look.

– Ragging, and rag-rolling means blotting with crumpled natural fiber cloth like linen, burlap, and give you a look of crushed velvet, parchment, chamois leather, watered silk or brocade.

– Stippling is a technique of breaking-up the wall color into a mass of tiny dots to add richness to the finish.

– Paneling is decorating the walls with panels.

– Broken color is applying broken layers, and you can choose different colors to creates mottled, or textured effect.


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