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Designing a Safe Living Room for Your Child

Designing a Safe Living Room for Your Child


The mother spends an important time with her child in the living room although she faces several problems like keeping the breakable pots away from being reached by her child, so every mother who cares about her child should follow the following steps for designing a safe living room:

  • Avoid the sharp-edged furniture pieces to avoid harming your child.
  • Avoid decorating sofas and armchairs with pillows having knots, so your child don’t eat them accidentally!
  • Cover the electrical units so it would be hard for your child to find.
  • Make sure to cover the bottom of the carpet with leather to avoid slipping.
  • Replace the sharp-edged coffee table with another round or curved one or you can hide the sharp edges with plastic pieces.
  • Replace the classical curtains that reach the floor, so your child won’t hide behind it and roll it around himself.
  • Make sure to provide the balcony of your room with glassy curtains and if the room has more than opening; then it is recommended to keep that closed and put flowerpots in front of it instead of adding steel railing that gives a sense of prison environment! Be aware of the importance of not putting sofas and chairs beside windows, so your child won’t be in danger.
  • Put the glassy accessories, candleholders and valuable accessories at high level to make sure your child wouldn’t be able to reach it. Avoid these small pieces of accessories that can be swallowed by your child.
  • Make sure to close the bookcases and cabinets are closed especially those, which might harm your child.
  • Don’t make the coffee table empty from accessories to let your child get used to give attention and be more careful in his/her life, but make sure to just keep the safe parts only. It is recommended to replace a glassy or porcelain pieces with another sliver parts.
  • Specify a corner at your room for your child that has a special carpet, which can keep his/her plastic toys. Provide also some shelves that can hold several children books, so the child use to the habit of reading.

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