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Diet Recipe: Crispy French Fries without Oil

Crispy Fries Recipe for Diet

French fries, most people adore it, but much damage were detected, to avoid fat fries, people use a lot of steam cooking machine lovers, and pressure cookers, without using oil.

So, we’ll provide you today a new recipe to make crispy french fries without using oil, or steam cooking machine, or pressure cookers. It gives the same crunchy, golden color for the fries.


  • Cut 2 potatoes as fingers, wash them well.
  • Put in a pot amount of water, and add the teaspoon of vinegar, then add quantity of salt “to taste”, after that put them on the fire.
  • After boiling the water, put the amount of whole potatoes for about two minutes.
  • Drain the potatoes well.
  • Bring a tray put a baking parchment paper in it, add the potatoes on the tray then put the tray in an oven until the potatoes are crispy and golden color.

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