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Discover Who Are You!

Discover Who Are You


There are some people think that “we’re loser” there are many reasons to make them feel that sensitivity such as; Failed marriage, or Lack of success in work, or feeling Loneliness could be the reason also, and feed yourself to look at the world from the Pessimistic outlook.

It is the time to stop this feeling, but I don’t ask you to forget your past, because your past will help you to discover your mistakes, and could be the key to Success, but I am asking you to take a rest for a while, take a look around you, and try to enjoy in your life.

Can you feel happy yet? Even tiny things can make you feel happy, or smile, after you get some rest in your life it is time to do a progress.

In case your problem at work:

Try to focus on people who like you, and they’re better than you.

Start to ask yourself why they get a good job, but I couldn’t???

Are they as old as you are? Then ask yourself another question are they have the same level of education? finally What about experience!! When you discover Your weaknesses try to fix it.

In Case you have a love problem:

Don’t start to look for a new love until Take a rest for a while.

Look at your past is the problem was in your personality and how did you handle with your adoration, or your choice was wrong.

Some people they said: Both my personality, and my wrong choice that reach me to the broken heart.

Some people they said: Neither my personality nor bad choice were reaching me to this end, if you’re from this kind of people, I can tell you Not only you lie to yourself, but also you’re blind, also you refuse the truth, however your past try to throw it, because if you still weeping you will never reach your goal in this life, try to clear your mind, focus on your goal, and fix your mistakes instead crying.

If you cannot fix the relationship unfortunately, take a vacation, I guarantee for you in the future, you can find the right person for you, remember always “the life never stops”, otherwise our minds which create that.

In case you feel isolated: Try to open your gate, you are the only one who has the key for this door, and have some fun.


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