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DIY Bunny of Sock Without Sewing

Make a sock bunny without sewing by using this simple DIY method

Make a sock bunny without sewing by using this simple DIY method.

The Introduction:

Transform an old sock into a charming bunny without the need for any sewing. This cost-effective DIY endeavor simply calls for a few basic materials.

If you are unable to locate the matching pair for your single sock, consider creating a stuffed bunny using the lone sock and a bag of rice. This would be a wonderful addition to your child’s Easter basket.



One tall sock

one kilo of rice

fabric marker (for drawing the mouth)

One Color Broadcloth (for the ears)


Sewing chalk



hot glue gun

buttons (for making the eyes and nose)

One Pom Ball (for tail)



  1. Ensure that the sock you choose for this project is free of any holes. Additionally, opt for a tall sock instead of an ankle sock, as you will require the additional fabric for the bunny’s ears and tail.
  2. Begin filling the sock with rice by stretching the opening around a large cup. Proceed to pour rice into the sock until it nearly reaches the ankle seam, then remove the sock from the cup.
  3. Begin crafting the bunny’s body by securing the top of the sock with twine. Make sure to pull the twine tightly and double-knot it to prevent any rice from spilling out. Next, wrap another length of twine around the upper part of the body to form the head, aiming for a 1:3 ratio between the head and body. Double knot the twine in place. Finally, proceed to cut out the ears.
  4. Place the rabbit on a level surface with its head directed towards you. Next, remove about a third of the ankle/leg section from the sock. Please note that I utilized a crew sock. If you are using a taller sock, you will need to cut more material. Keep this extra piece for the tail. Following this, create two V-shaped cuts to form the bunny’s ears. Cut the ears to attain the intended form. Then, take the Colors Broadcloth and position the bunny’s ears on it. Proceed to draw with sewing chalk and then cut out the ears drawn on the broadcloth. Finally, glue the broadcloth ears inside the bunny’s ears of the sock.
  5. To craft a tail, various options are available: consider utilizing a Pom Ball, a rounded cotton ball, or even fashioning a small ball from a sock. Subsequently, affix the tail to the bunny’s posterior using hot glue.
  6. Final Step: Once the hot glue has dried, turn the bunny over to have it facing upwards. Proceed to use a fabric marker to sketch a mouth on Bunny’s face. Finally, attach the buttons to create the eyes and nose.


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