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DIY Castor Oil

Homemade Castor Oil

How to make castor oil at home



250 grams of castor seeds.

400 ml of corn oil or olive oil.

A clean piece of cheesecloth.



  • Remove the hull from the castor seeds, then put them in the tray and leave them in the sun, and the seeds can be dried in the oven as well.
  • Start roasting them either in the oven or in the microwave; Because the roasting process helps to grind it and turn it into a dough.
  • Grind the castor seeds in an electric mixer until it becomes soft to the touch.
  • Put the pot on a medium heat and fill it with water, then put the ground castor inside the pot until the water boils, and the castor oil comes out on the surface of the water (one to 4 hours).
  • Take out the oil that appeared on the surface of the water using a spoon and put it inside a jar, taking into account not to fill the jar and leaving half of the jar empty in order to fill the other half of the jar with olive oil or corn oil.
  • After filling the jar with olive oil or corn oil, we shake the jar well so that the oil mixes with the castor oil, close it tightly and put it in a sunny place for a whole month.
  • Strain the castor oil from the remaining seeds with a cheesecloth, then put it in a jar and close it tightly until use.

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