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DIY Flowers Table Lamp in Ten Minutes

Table Lamp in 10 Minutes with Flowers and Transparent Foldable Plastic


Two sheets of transparent foldable plastic

Old lampshade

Dry flowers or Artificial Flowers

One glass jar with a lid

A candle

Glue gun, or Spray Adhesive





Bring your empty jar and add some flowers in a jar, then cover them with lid

Bring two transparent foldable plastic sheets and recover an old lampshade

 With the transparent foldable plastic sheet to get the same size and add 5cm to each side “to the top and the bottom”.

Start to cut the plastic sheets with a cutter, and remove the extra of the plastic sheet.

Set aside one of the plastic sheets.

Use the Spray Adhesive and start to spray all the plastic piece.  When you fish start to glue and connect the edges together for getting the same shape and size for an old lampshade.

 Put the flowers on the plastic lampshade. Bring the second sheet of transparent foldable plastic and put it on the flowers “cover the flowers with it”.

Take the extra of top and bottom edge and roll over. Use a glue gun to stick the top edge and do the same with the bottom edge.

Put your new plastic lampshade on the lid of jar and glue it. Bring your candle and put it on the lid. Enjoy with your new lamp


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