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DIY Paper Pinwheel

Paper Pinwheel Make Craft Idea

How to make a spinning paper Pinwheel DIY?

No need to buy expensive game-day products ~ all you need is paper & some inexpensive tools.

We’re going to show you how to make this simple DIY toy that creates the amazing sensation of watching the world spin on its axis.

We ‘ll show you how to make a spinning paper pinwheel DIY with simple tools.

Follow these steps for turning paper into a spinning wonder to delight family and friends.



A single sheet of square paper

One Push Pin, or pin (any color you like)

A pencil

A ruler

A Scissors



  • Use a single sheet of square paper and fold it into four equal triangular folds.
  • Use a ruler, start to measure 3cm and make a mark by using the pencil.
  • Start to cut off the four corners of a square paper till you reach the pencil mark “3cm” you did .
  • Now you have 8 corners not 4 corners after you divide them.
  • Start to glue these corners together with number 1 with corner number 3, then glue number 5, and number 7, so you will let the rest of corners free number 2, 4, 6 and 8.
  • Draw a small circle of colored paper, and glue it on the center in the center, and put a
  • pin in the middle of the small circle and pin it to the pencil eraser.
  • Finally, we’ll proceed with making some pinwheels.


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