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DIY Pillowcases for Sofas from Old Jackets

How to make pillowcases for sofas from old jackets:

How to make pillowcases for sofas from old jackets, and because your home reflects your personality, what do you think of making small pillows to decorate it with distinctive and innovative shapes? It’s time to use old clothes to make cool home décor pieces.


 Necessary Tools:

  •  An old jacket of a appropriate size.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine.
  • Pillow of fiber the size you prefer. Pins.



  1. Lay the pillow over the jacket to determine the desired size, leaving 3cm of space from the top and bottom to sew.
  2. Start cutting, dividing the back into two pieces, so that this part serves as a back hole for the pillow to be inserted and removed.
  3. Lay the front of the pillow, then the back over it with making  the cloth of the pillow facing inward.
  4. Pin the pillowcase fabric with pins on all sides, then start sewing the edges of the pillowcase with an appropriate stitch.
  5. Flip the pillowcase. Insert the pillow into it from the back opening. You have a beautiful and modern pillow to decorate your home.


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Image Source


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